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  1. Having used the 450BT for 6 months now and just having ordered myself a pair of Sony XM3s. The Sennheisers are a really good set of headphones, good sound and while they are plastic, they do feel like a quality product. ANC isn't the most impressive however, but it does the job for the price imo. Personally I ran into the issue that the earcups are just a bit too small for my ears and during prolonged sessions my ears would start to hurt from the wear. Some has also reported that the fit on them aren't nice with the headband, but for me it was the earcups. So if you ha
  2. Update on situation: I managed to pounce on a gigabyte 3070 today and I'm happy I cancelled the deal on the 2080TI I thank you all on the input!
  3. Hello! So for long I've been a MX Brown user and I love the switches and the general feeling. I have recently bought myself a Varmilo VA88m board and it introduced me into the more enthusiast grade Mechanical keyboards. I'm totally geeking out on it and got really curious if I was to order a board with a different switch, what kind would appeal most to me as an alternative to MX Browns?
  4. Update on situation: I cancelled with the seller and I have decided to indeed wait until we're into 2021 to pull the trigger on the GPU upgrade. I've instead chosen to see how the new Ryzen 5 5600x behaves at launch and most likely gonna upgrade to that from my 2600x.
  5. As I wrote, I don't think the 5700 XT is a bad card. But I wanna go back to Nvidia since I'm most impressed by the tech they're providing for games. Also gonna be upgrading to 1440p or maybe even 4k this Holiday, where the 2080TI/3070 would give the extra power.
  6. I would with certainty miss out on the deal if I'm not at the seller tomorrow to pick it up, there's a lot of interest in 2080 TIs in Denmark right now. And yes I would most likely be able to flip the 5700 XT Red Devil for 300 euro
  7. Greetings People of LTT Forum Agreed to meet with a seller tomorrow to pick up a second hand MSI TRIO RTX 2080 TI which was bought in January. I'm paying about 600 euro which is about the same price that the 3070 is launching at on the 29th. I believe it's a pretty decent deal, since it's trading blows with 3070 across all benchmarks not to also mention the shortage of GPUs there's likely to be around launch. Am I making a terrible mistake? I'm switching from a 5700 XT, which isn't a bad card of course but I wanna go back to Nvidia tech.
  8. Found your channel 2 years ago. It was during the time i was researching for my first self build rig. Have been a happy subscriber ever since! Keep up the good work! and congratulations on reaching this milestone!
  9. Roknaroz


    Tbh 4k is way more expensive to run since you'd need a pretty damn powerfull graphics setup compared to 1440p which can be run for a lower budget. Ofc 4k looks amazing but one shouldn't skip an ips 1440p for a 4k tn which you have to upgrade to top tier sli/cfx to run smoothly.^^ Ofc that is if you want the monitor for gaming*
  10. Got the monitor today and i couldn't be more happy! I dun think the transition from 120hz - 60hz is gonna be that bad Specially not when everything simply just looks amazing! My old TN looks yellowish and dull compared to the explosion of color from the Benq. 10/10 would recommend.
  11. What is your problem Dude? Why are you so hostile. Don't you think after 1 and a half month that I would have considered every option? You obviously don't know a lot about the panel if you say it is worse than an IPS and Korean monitors are a gamble I could very well end up paying 2-3 times the price in shipping if there are flaws so imHo I choose the best option.Not the cheapest but safest. So excuse me. Have a nice day.
  12. Update: After been messing around and searching for the monitor worth my money. I deicided to go with a Benq BL2710PT.(Mainly after watching Fabelhaft NCX on youtube concluding it is the surperior monitor to the Asus pb278q) It has not arrived yet but i'll be writing my first hand impressions when it arrives. #First1440pmonitor #Hyped
  13. Well this upped the Asus up my list. Thanks a lot for your time! There is still a little over a month for my birthday (that is when i am getting the monitor) So i will keep on researching but if i were to go out and buy now it would prbly be the Asus!
  14. Not as far as i know. At the time i bought this monitor i didn't look for much else than the 120 hz tag and low ms. But as i look up the monitor now i can't find anything confirming it having PWM If it does that is a relief since this monitor haven't annoyed me with any flicker.
  15. how to deal with PWM tho? like that is the only thing that leads me away from the Asus. :-S
  16. I've stretched my budget a bit to include Viewsonic vp2770 in the options. It is the more expensive monitor sitting at 811$. But if it really is worth the higher price i will go with it! Sounds great i look forward to hear if it is worth the risk!
  17. @Osmium Knowing the crazy prices in Denmark the monitor you are talking about is gonna be way over what i expect to spend on the monitor. Also i really wanna change to an IPS or PLS to try something with better colors and all that. i think i am done with TNs which i think i read that the ROG will be using But thanks for reply @Elbstrand Can you really OC the PB278q? i thought that was only the korean monitors that did that without much hazzle.
  18. Hello forum I am right now sitting reading reviews about a bunch of different monitors running 1440p. Right now i have no idear which one i want. Because i can find pros and cons on every monitor and it is really making me indecisive. I will be using the monitor for gaming, browsing and school work. The games i play are: League of Legends (non competitive) Team fortress 2 (non competitive) multiple different Singleplayer games. So right now i would really want input for the choice between the next couple of monitors. Feel free to suggest other monitors. But keep in mind i live in Denm
  19. Well according to the place i usually buy hardware at (Komplett.dk) they get it the 15th of this month.
  20. If you decide to keep the 120 Hz screen i think the SLI option would make more sense, and you'll get better performance than 780 in most cases. Then again with all this talk about framtimes one could be scared away from SLI untill things settle and it is "fixed". Though i've heard that SLI have got way less issues with framtimes than Crossfire. Personally i have no experience with either. If you go with the 1440p screen, i do consider 780 the surperior option. The memory upgrade is just incredible and the 780 can back that up with awesome performance and you get all the good stuff from hav
  21. Ambient temps in my room are around 20-25 degrees celsius at all times.
  22. I recently bought my new system which included getting a 780, but when i got around to overclock this card (note this card is running reference cooler). i noticed even at the high overclock i set it at. It would only hit 68-70 degrees celsius while running heaven 4.0 at maxed out settings. This made me confused and well happy since I was expected atleast temps 10 degrees higher under load, but what can cause this? I mean most and almost every review i've seen the 780 hits 80 degrees with the reference cooler? Btw the overclocks that i am running are: power target 106% temptarge