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    Zandvliet got a reaction from MPC in EgyptianMod   
    Beautiful, I love the details!
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in EgyptianMod   
    Beautiful, I love the details!
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    Zandvliet reacted to Andyl in Albedo - Custom Case - 3950X - 2080Ti Sli - Overkill Watercooling   
    PC Design Foundry
    Finished machining , tapping and countersinking  the distributors. Did another fit check and they are super nice.








    Next I need to remake the rear chassis part to flip the power supply orientation.  Also make the side panels.  Make the O rings for the distributors. Then paint all the metal parts.
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from NinJake in What game have you spent the most time in?   
    Either Runescape or Guild Wars 2 (~4600 hours)
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from soldier_ph in What game have you spent the most time in?   
    Either Runescape or Guild Wars 2 (~4600 hours)
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    Zandvliet reacted to Sabbathian in Vintage Hi-Fi PC   
    Hi all!

    As someone who likes old Hi-Fi gear and collects old Sanyo Hi-Fi components, I decided to take one old Sanyo amplifier and integrate my computer inside of it. That way I can have my PC as a part of my Hi-Fi tower!
    I used standard desktop components I had in my PC, but my goal was to have the whole front completely functional, all the knobs and switches.
    I know this is not the top of the line PC, but it is my baby I have been using for years now and its still serving me great, so be gentle

    Original amp had to be gutted, and many modifications had to be made to the main shell. While I was at it, I also customized almost all the components inside, and made many parts out of copper and wood.

    Bottom part of the case had to be separate from top so I could fit original 1978 switches inside, and to make room for three hard drives. I separated bottom and top sections with one piece of hand cut copper plate (2mm thick). Purpose of copper is purely cosmetical, there is no special reason (heat etc) behind it. That plate sits on four steel feet with anti vibration rubber on bottom and top, painted in copper.
    Back plate is made one part from copper (where motherboard comes), and one part in wood (where graphics card comes).
    Since there is a serious height problem with that kind of case, I had to use PCI-Express riser to place graphics card horizontally and Noctuas low profile CPU cooler in order for everything to fit inside.

    Graphics card and motherboard both got a new paint job and wooden inserts.

    Front functionality, starting from left to right:
    - Top two knobs control fan speeds
    - Power switch turns on the computer
    - Green light for HDD activity
    - USB 3.0 port hidden behind a knob
    - 2 switches to turn on/off fans
    - 2 switches to turn on/off LCDs
    - Above switches - left LCD shows case temperature and the right one - CPU temperature
    - Largest knob is for volume control
    - below it, another USB 3.0 hidden behind a knob
    - Big red power light

    Outer shell has been made from scratch, using 1.5mm aluminum mesh and profiles. Top plate is hinged, so it is extremely easy to take a look inside

    And finally, all the copper got a nice polished finish and the rest was painted in mat black.

    I hope you will like it as much as I liked working on it. It took me some time, but to me, its more then worth it.
    And don`t judge it by the old components... I worked with what I got

    Have a nice day everybody!
    Here is the video of it working ;)

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    Zandvliet reacted to Thanatopsis in What lens should I get next?   
    Then honestly your probably fine on lenses if you dont use the 55-200mm unless your going to grab an 75  through 85mm lens.
    If your not using a 55mm-200mm for anything including Portraiture then your probably fine with the range of lenses you have and its just looking to see if there is faster glass in your price range.  If there isn't faster glass then congrats you don't need to spend more money or you have to save up more more cash for the next tier up.
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    Zandvliet reacted to oneoone in What lens should I get next?   
    Don't go for the  Tamron 18-200mm its not a great lens. My best advice is to buy the best glass you can. Start with the 24-70 as its a really awesome bit of kit and ideal for  landscape, street, portrait. photography. 
    If you want a prime lens then go for the 35mm 0r 50mm, 1.8 depending on if you have have a cropped sensor or not. 
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    Zandvliet reacted to Radium_Angel in What lens should I get next?   
    Can't help you with that choice you filthy stinking communistical Canon user!
    (checks camera collection...)
    errr..I take that back you fine upstanding Morally Correct Canon user!
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from lewdicrous in Does a wireless version of Logitech G600 MMO exist?   
    Great thanks, just what I was looking for.
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from wasab in How to get > FIRST < Job...... As cyber security ??? Or programming at all??   
    I would say nowadays you need a degree in programming to get started anywhere. I'd say good locations for a job are bank or government.
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from Blze001 in We have a date for Cyberpunk 2077!   
    I just got an email saying pre-orders are available via Steam for Cyberpunk 2077. The release date is 16 April 2020
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    Zandvliet reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in Subwoofer on left?   
    ...and the room.
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from GabrielLP14 in TV Series   
    Battlestar Galactic
    Dark Matter
    Lost in Space
    Altered Carbon
    Star Trek Discovery
    The Expanse
    Terra Nova
    The Last Ship
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from GabrielLP14 in TV Series   
    A crew wakes up on a ship and they don't remember who they are. As they are trying to figure that out, they have to face the consequences of their past. Looks real good, story is good, has 3 season atm.
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from GabrielLP14 in TV Series   
    Not where I live.
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from Stormseeker9 in What are you excited to see in ces 2019?   
    Cooler Master SK621 they showed off last year.
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    Zandvliet reacted to TekRed in The Water Cooling Gallery   
    Will share my latest build here as there may been many who didn't not see the build log. I will be finishing another project this week and will post that as well once completed

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    Zandvliet got a reaction from _StrikE_ in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Got new speakers and a receiver  plus I just wanted to show my setup  The new speakers are the Dali Spektor 1 got it together with the Denon AVR-X1400H. At first I bought the Dali Zensor 1, which are slightly larger, but it just didn't match with the setup.
    Enjoy the photo's.



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    Zandvliet reacted to sharedknowledge in [Scratch Build] Rocket - Wood, Cylinder, Watercooling   
    And here the finished build


    And here's my desk  

    Any tips / recommendation, please! Happy to hear them.
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    Zandvliet reacted to Maarten/Pine in Project Metallurgy - A metal scratch build   
    It’s finally time, the final pictures have been made!

    The only thing there’s left to say: enjoy.





































    As an end to this build log, I’d like to thank my sponsors again that supported me on this project:


    Cooler Master




    Please let me know how you like it in a comment!

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    Zandvliet got a reaction from IrishDunner in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Awesome collection of SG-1  
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    Zandvliet got a reaction from Sabir in Should i wait for PG35VQ ?   
    Just to catch up on a post I did 6 months ago.. I'm considering buying the 2080, maybe, at the end of this year. We'll see how the drivers will improve. At the moment I have no interest anymore in getting an additional monitor. But I'll definitely won't be buying a monitor for more than 800 euros.
    And please take a moment to add punctuation to your future comments it's hard to read. And what up with the letter 'n' in your comment?
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    Zandvliet reacted to Onoria in Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 still good?   
    In which case I think the R7800 is still a solid option at a good price point.
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    Zandvliet reacted to PC Crazy Dario in [Build log] Resident Evil - MSI, EKWB, Silicon Power   
    Final photos! Enjoy!