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    KrZaj reacted to Zeuligan in [Sponsored] Angl3d Ti - Dual Custom Loop EKWB | ASUS ROG | be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 | by Zeuligan   
    I'm more than happy! Sometimes brands just go way beyond what could be expected even in the wildest dreams. Sometimes amazing people keep doing amazing things. When this happens at the same time you get Atila at EKWB. Thank you so much Atila and thank you so much EKWB for the support. 

    The perfect block for project Angl3d Ti just arrived.      Got to test out my new Nikon FX as well  
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    KrZaj reacted to Zeuligan in [Sponsored] Angl3d Ti - Dual Custom Loop EKWB | ASUS ROG | be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 | by Zeuligan   
    For me it is always extra fun to reach the backside of a project. It is fun, it gives me the opportunity to sleeve and it is a milestone that state that a project is close to the end.

    I started in Fusion 360 to get a feel for what I wanted to make. Went fairly fast to reach something I felt could work. I guess the upside of doing my third consecutive project in the amazing be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900. Color scheme was set a long time ago.

    Took the loose motherboard tray and went to work.

    A few anoying rivets that always adds extra work. Took some measurements and masked for sawing.

    No problem with this baby. Fast, straight, hazzle free. Love my Ryobi saw (thank you again Ryobi for the support).

    Started with a quick prototype that I 3D printed. Extended the height for dual layers (ofc) and did some modifications to holes and fastening after testing with a custom 24 I had laying around. This will look good sanded down and printed on high quality settings.

    All pieces done. Will make the backside look clean.

    I got some happy comments on my manually created cable "plate" on project Zeuligan. Was extra fun to be able to 3D print a perfect one. Still just a test print (lesser quality), but needed a prototype for measurements.

    So easy. Did I mention I just love my saw? ❤️

    That will work just as intended, I like this idea for cable management very much. Should prob make more of this...

    Not that much thinking needed as I had my concept from Fusion 360. Just had to check that I could bend the cables and that I ended up at the right place at the bottom. The MB-plate has 2 holes wide enough for 30ish cables. Not good to miss that opening.

    After finding the right placement, distance it wasn't much more to it. Just drill all the holes and thread them.

    Could finally use some of that expensive black matte car vinyl I bought as a test for the exterior before I decided to paint it instead. Will make for a nice contrast in finish and color.

    Pretty happy with that end result tbh. The matte finish works well for both the texture of the 3D printed custom cable combs and the half shiny metal frame. Will make for a nice backdrop for the custom sleeved MDPC-X cables.

    Speaking of that. First layer of the 24 pin ready. Will leave that as a teaser for next updated that will be all the cables sleeved (ran out of ATX pins (sigh)) and mounted on the backside. Hope it will look good.

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    I've been working on this since I started ASHEN. I've been drip feeding my INSTA and FB with pictures mainly of the EK RTX2080 block (MSI AERO RTX2070!),
    But here is a sneak peek. 



    I'm gonna post a build log on SFF and Bit-Tech as I did a couple of things differently this time around and I think it's better for it. It's roughly about 40mm longer than ASHEN but it's rocking an EK-CoolStream WE180mm RAD up front. 
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    KrZaj reacted to Zeuligan in [Sponsored] Angl3d Ti - Dual Custom Loop EKWB | ASUS ROG | be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 | by Zeuligan   
    It's always equal part joy and frustration when you reach the painting part of a project. It's the mark of getting close to assembly, but it's also a very time consuming and sometimes frustrating part. This time more then usual with two disasters.

    With a new living situation I had to be creative to be able to paint. Not recommended to spray paint inside your appartement Designed a 3-way corner for regular electrical PVC pipes - 20mm and printed out 8 of them.

    Makes it simple to put together a spray tent of varible size, for close to nothing. Just to wrap in painters plastic and spray away Placed my tent on my balcony and it worked over expectations. Just had to stay away from rainy or windy days. We have a lot of thoose in Gothenburg, so spent close to 2 weeks painting all the parts.

    I started by adding a first coat of primer. This to make it easier to visually spot all the weak areas, where I had to fill in and where I had to take away to keep angles in my polygons. Adds an extra day or two as the primer has to be really dry before I can add Putty to it (or the paint and putty melts together and it's a real mess) but well worth it IMHO.

    With a combination of a small printed calibration cube (20x20x20mm) and the bottom of a bic lighter wrapped in straps of 280 and 400 grain paper I spent the next 6 days doing nothing but sanding and reapplying Putty.

    Better, but far from satisfied. Then disaster struck...

    When carrying one piece from my spray tent I accidently droped it onto the other piece and they both broke in several pieces. Not easy to Acrifix on paint, so had to sand down and start all over on some edges. Very sad and frustrated, but still happy that I was neither on a deadline or that it was actually mendable.

    Lost a few days, but got both pieces together again and reached the exciting part where I could add the first layer for finishing coating - matte black. Wasn't happy with the finish, so sanded down part of it, switched out the spray can nozzle and had a 2nd go.

    Look at that! Black and with much better surface. Still not home, so went over it with 600 and 800 grit and added 2 more layers.

    That matte varnish is sexy! Very matte even after just 1 layer and close to that car vinyl feeling I wanted from start. Super happy. The extra matte black paint on the front piece suddenly looks super shiny in comparison.

    At first I was scared that I had ruined it. The varnish was so white, even at super thin layers, but after 45-60min it just started to turn black and after just 30 min it turned from white to matte black.

    Tripple matte awesomeness. Looking forward to when I can start to put this together.

    After the exterior it was time to paint the shroud and 3D-printed parts. Smaller, but way more time consuming due to 10 times more edges. Same procedure, primer, putty, sanding, putty, sanding, putty, primer, spray putty, sanding, primer, spray putty, primer, sanding, coating, sanding, coating, coating, varnish, varnish and last a varnish.
    Disaster 2, apparently butter fingers. Droped my shroud on the way in from the balcony, 5 pieces (cry). 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask anything. If you hate it or love it, share your thoughts. Silence worries me...

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    KrZaj reacted to BTA in MyDualPC - WorkPlayStream - 2x560rads | Dual ITX | Watercooled   
    USB hub is awesome! Upper ports are connected to streaming PC and lower ones to the main pc.
    1TB m.2 installed and power buttons as well.

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    KrZaj reacted to Red :) in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   

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    KrZaj reacted to Zeuligan in [Sponsored] Angl3d Ti - Dual Custom Loop EKWB | ASUS ROG | be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 | by Zeuligan   
    After a vacation in the Caribbean I'm back with a short update and more to come...
      I often opt for clean design and practical solutions. This was also my intention when I started to sketch on the solution for the bottom RGB led strips from Corsair.   
    Did a design in Fusion 360 for a led holder for the Corsair Lighting Node Pro strips I won in Swedclockers gallery of the month competion. 
    Combined that with a holder that snaps in place ontop of the end of the holder with a screw hole. 
    The strip with the holders are exactly the same length as the fan dust holders. It's on the bottom, so no one will ever notice, but I will know. 
    Marked out the fastening holes and with my Ryobi machine set to slow it is easy to drill out acrylic without it cracking. 
    Can't have any visible cables and I still want to be able to replace strips (or I could just unpin a connector) so decided to make a pass through hole. 
    Drilling large holes in acrylic on slow speed isn't really smart, without special drills, as that will crack the acrylic. So a quick and easy solution, drill many small holes. 
    It will just squeeze into that hole. Some cleaning with a small hand file and I'm good to go. 
    All done and the RGB led strip is firmly fastned in the strip with it's edges ensuring it stays in place. 
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    KrZaj reacted to soldier_ph in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Naaahhh !!!!!! I wanted 10gig, not 9.8 !!!!!!!!!!! ??
    Momi !!! I hate Overhead !!!!!!!!??
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    KrZaj reacted to Plume7 in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   

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    KrZaj reacted to Schnoz in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   

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    UPDATE 4.0   'LOOP 2 - LOOP HARDER' I'd admit it, this second loop was a mistake. The first loop was fine, but it wasn't quite ticking all the boxes for me. It looked to me like the loop had elbows! haha, the top and bottom runs were further forward than the centre CPU ones and so from every angle other than square on... it looked off.   so out it came..   ...   That lower length of pipe continues to be the hardest to get right.    ...   So while it was drained I thought I'd have another crack at some of the cables. A few of the 24pin wires were either slightly too long or just too short which pinched at the others or were too long and thus looked too baggy. I pulled those few out and redid them.    I also took this chance to repair the damage I'd done to the RGB lighting. I had to replace both EK RGB LED strips due to my own stupidity. Doing so meant I'd now be using two headers on the board rather than just the one (one is 5 pin RGB goodness, the other is 5v dLED). That meant more cables, two extensions (one from each board header), each with a two-way splitter (had been using a single 4x splitter), then hook up to the LEDs.    RBG connectors don't click and hold in place, I'm not a big fan.. and, as you really can't shorten or make your own cables, it meant a lot cable length needed to be strapped up and tidied away (psst, don't look behind the SSD).   ...   So there is it, it looked much better in my head. The idea was simple, lose the elbows... bend the runs back in line with the CPU runs and add another pair of double female EK 90s. Have all four of those fitting inline and have the four runs parallel and sitting pretty.   Only, there isn't the clearance from the in/outlet on the res/mount to get a bend in and still keep the level with the CPU runs. So I ran with it and dropped the outer two runs deeper into the case, which looked okay. But those four fittings inline did not. it blocked the view of the velocity blocked and made the loop look necessarily busy.    ...   Oh hey JUICE!   ...   Looked alright from some angles.. plus, I liked this shot for the pump/res. Which by the way, will fit any Parvum X2.0. Get in touch with the parvum boys if you want one.      So a couple of days go by...   ...   LOOP 3 - RETURN OF THE LOOP   The perfect loop was obvious, it was simply the original loop intention... just take all four runs from the pass-through, bring them out inline with the RES in/outlets take four matching clean bends and cut in for the CPU.    so...   ...   Four runs, four matching lengths, four matching bends.    ...   Cut  the CPU lengths and added their slight bends to rotate the in/out on the CPU block inline with the other two runs.    ...   Flushed and filled with this wonderful stuff.    ...   Bleed the loop and let the bubbles do what they do.   ...   Immediately looks better! (can you spot it) I'm pretty happy with that, yeah... looks good (hmmm, but you've...) cool, I'll leave it and smash out a build log update (er, you not gonna fix tha...).   ...   ...   Nope, gonna have to redo that.    J.      ps - the bend in the downward CPU tube is a couple of degrees too far, which is pulling that third run down. It's not parallel and thus is dead to me. haha. So, I've not done that yet... but I will, then it'll be time to get the big camera out and do some final shots. Thanks for checking it out guys. 
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    UPDATE 3.0   The loop, take one! yup... It's a taken a few weeks to get another update posted and at the end of it, I drained the loop and started over... kinda...   so where to begin.   ...   I use 12/10mm acrylic tubing, always have. PETG is for, er, those who prefer it I guess... I'm an acrylic guy. When I put together the case, I knew these bends were gonna be tight.. and tbh I'd no idea which way I'd do it. all I knew was the top and bottom with the in-out from the pump/res. with the middle two feeding the CPU and I had to get it through the rad between em.    I did a test bend and got pretty close.. it was gonna be tough.   ...   ...   If at first, you don't succeed, bitch and moan, swear, sack it off and come back to the next day... hahaha after a *couple attempts I got the two tight bends I needed without any warping or misshaped tube. glory! so that got the CPU out to the RAD and the RAD to the RES return.   ...   ... Couple more short throw 90's for the RES in, to the CPU in.      ... It's just not a Parvum build until it's tasted your blood!     ...   ...   Yeah, happy with that... (the loop at is). The wiring is okay. the EPS was a little too short and I just didn't want to redo it.. (MDPC sleeve isn't cheap and I was running low) but it'll serve. and between us, since this photo was taken, I pulled em out replaced a few wires that were either too short and clipped a few more that were too long. it's looking nicer.   ...   The front! This is where I began to fall out with my loop. In my mind, it was simple. The passthrough lined up with the pump/res, so top and bottom were sorted. two runs with clean simple, single 90's.   ...   ...   It was the cpu that did me in. The EK Velocity  is such a nioce block.. no way were I rotating it. lit up it's a true thing of beauty! But I needed to retain that spacing from the four pass-through points. I'd put those outer two runs in and they looked huge! So I decided to bring the centre two out as far as the edge of the rad, then bend inwards. But the problem was turning them inward to the correct in/out on the Velocity block.   ...   So the penny dropped..(granted it's really not that hard to work out... but please remember, I'm living on feck all sleep, stealing 20-30mins when I can, children.. such a blessing, ha!) bring the CPU out to meet the centre two runs. simple right? yeah.. only the bottom third run is just a few mm off being inline with that third hole. So both CPU tubes that came out to the centre two runs had to have an angle.    ...   So I flush and think, yeah, I like that...   ...   ...   Until two days later when I decided I didn't. Next update I'll try and bang out tomorrow. Loop 'Take Two'! The shit sequel! (yeah, it's not good.. hahaha).   But don't worry, 'Take Three' is epic! and now it looks the balls! But before I go, a couple thoughts on RGB. the wiring is horrid! thick splitters are all you can buy, you can't custom cut length and as I found out... it's important to read the warnings.. I blew both my EK RGB strips plugging them into the 12v header on the board.. not the 5v header the packaging, insert instructions, product page, website page ALL tried to warn me about. haha   Thanks for checking it out.    J.
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    KrZaj reacted to Zeuligan in [Sponsored] Angl3d Ti - Dual Custom Loop EKWB | ASUS ROG | be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 | by Zeuligan   
    The case will be so packed with water cooling, with it's dual pumps and dual reservoirs I felt I needed to position the GPU in a different way. Was also important to create balance. Many polygons in this project. Very easy to go overboard.

    Cranked out the MB backplate and my 1080Ti covered in beautiful EKWB acrylic.

    Took some measurements, cut and bent some aluminum and drilled holes for mounting. Not very elegant looking, but sturdy.

    Drilled some holes to the top of the case and taped a fan in place to ensure proper measurements.

    I like it. Quick, yet very functional. Don't worry, I don't plan to leave that GPU haning in just an aluminium bracket. One wrong move and we have an expensive water accident on our hands.

    Took two iterations to get what I wanted. The GPU is very beautiful by it's own and due to previously mentioned balance, I wanted to leave polygons out of the ekvation. This is my idea of a 3D printed vertical GPU bracket.

    The 3D printed bracket combined with the aluminum reinforcement will be very sturdy and the bracket will also hide the aluminum angles. Didn't really think I would leave it like that right?

    Almost, the aluminum is sticking out a little. Need to make the bracket longer. Last iteration.

    Yum. The GPU slides into a track in the aluminum and into an equal track in the bracket. Then a fastening bolt goes on the other end, secure the card to the aluminum and 3D printed bracket. The card also slides 2 mm into the bracket, looking it in place in all directions. Not a bad solution if I may say so my self.

    I printed hex-nut shaped holes on the inside of the brackets, 90% of the size. Then I heated the nut with my soldering iron and pressed the nut into the plastic together with some superglue. That will hold

    Went through a few more prorotypes and iterations for the GPU cover. Left the polygon design behind. Became to much and I will need something cleaner. Biggest problem is the size required to hide the PCI riser cable.

    Happy, at last. At this last angle, the GPU metal is visible for the slide in. Got an equal track inte aluminum bracket on the inside. Just need to sand down, prime and paint the bracket and cover.

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    KrZaj reacted to Koverhar in Mahogany Desk, Build of the Year 2018   
    Allthough the project is over I've started making matching gear for my pc now. It never ends does it:D So I made a custom lamp all it needs is some varnish. Metal went to the chromer yesterday. Some pictures below!
    Some fairly hardcore materials metalwise:D Here's some 4 inch solid pipe and a 3 inch shaftsteel. 

    I then proceedes to watercut and lathe everything and here's the lamp assembled.





    Parts dissassembled and polished up for chrome!

    Next update soon! Also I would love for you to vote for my build over at buillds.gg. We can't let an RGB case win!
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    KrZaj reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Fashion 101 with Linus Sebastian.

    Bespoke Suit :  ✅
    Silk Tie           : ✅
    Cuff Links      :  ✅
    Black pants   :  ✅
    Black Sock     : ✅
    Black Sandals : 
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    KrZaj reacted to IBAE in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Linus the destroyer