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    Perpetually Procrastinating

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    Lower Mainland, B.C, Canada
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    Hardware, Gaming, Warframe, Mining, Development, Computer Science, DevOps, Cloud, Automation, Machine Learning
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    DevOps Engineer @ Thrive Health


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    i7-7700K @ 5.0 GHz
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    Asus Maximus VIII Impact
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    32 GB Crucial Ballistix Sport @ 3000MHz
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    GTX 1080ti
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    Corsiar 280x Modded Front Panel
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    250GB Samsung 850 Evo, Cruical MX 500 2TB, Gigabyte 500GB NVMe
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    EVGA Supernova G1 1000W
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    Dell S2417DG, AOPEN 24HC1QR
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    Custom Watercooling: Mostly AliExpress Stuff, EK GPU Block Though
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    Corsair K70 and/or Logitech G610 w/ Cherry MX Browns
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    Logitech G402
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    Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC
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    Windows 10 + Manjaro Linux

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  1. Just bought DDR4 from Amazon, but it was keyed like DDR3!!! But the product name was right, just that it wasn't actually normal 288 pin DDR4. Just an odd experience I thought I'd share. Oh yeah don't use text chat with amazon, call them. text chat was 1.5 hrs of nothing, voice was 5 mins and problem solved :)

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    2. tarfeef101


      india. for sure. wasn't too bad, a couple odd grammatical choices, but only 1 instance where they said something so incorrect I couldn't figure out what they meant.

      The worst part was just the fact that they were so resistant to fixing the issue as I defined it (which I defined as a method of getting me what I ordered (8GB of DDR4) without incurring an additional cost to me) that they just made me repeat myself for an hour and a half before the manager/escalated support literally disconnected on me in anger :D

    3. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      They just read off Scripts, thats why you went around in circles.




      And I bet their online name was Bob or Rob xD


      I am happily amazed at some companies with their cust serv rep, for example Car2Go is utterly amazing. Fluent english, polite and nice and so generous.

    4. tarfeef101


      Oh I know... let's just say I have far more customer service experience than i'd like. I seem to have to call someone multiple times a week for something or another...

      Surprisingly enough they didn't have aliases. Took all the fun out of the: (them)"hello, my name is bob..." (me)"no it isn't"

      Some people have done well, others not. I can't say anyone has been truly crap because I basically am always able to get what I wanted, but some make you work a a lot harder

      Those who get shit done immediately: EKWB, best buy, amazon phone calls, 10% of rogers agents, dazmode, DHL, fedex, newegg, ncix (RIP), and more i'm sure...

      Those who take a while, but do it eventually: amazon chat, microsoft, corsair, UPS, and more...

      Those who are a GIANT pain in the arse: Asus (motherboards, specifically), most rogers agents, more that i probably blocked from my memory :D