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  1. Still making the noise but at lesser intervals but the test is still running so id assume its still happening with that. I might double check my cables etc but im sure they aren't loose. Hope this isn't going to lead to something bad... EDIT: OK i take it back it is my gaming 4TB drive. Considering its in a bequiet case too i wouldnt have thought it would become an issue but maybe the HDD cages were moved a little last time i moved the case, think when i give my case a clean with the datavec next week ill double check all that stuff...
  2. I closed anything i had that was running on the hard drive that i could think of, video files etc. I'm actually running a long extended test now just to make 100% sure its not one of the drives failing and i think I identified at least which one is making it (my 2TB not my 4). It passed the short one fine.
  3. So i'm getting a little tick noise every 5-10 seconds or so on one of my WD black HDD's after i booted up my PC like it's seeking something?. First time they've done it since i'ved owned them. I read here that looked like someone had a similar issue that they fixed by updating their SATA controller https://linustechtips.com/topic/601061-wd-black-tick-noise-failing/ but it was an asmedia SATA controller, while i am using an ASUS x570 prime pro motherboard and i don't see a way of updating it?
  4. So while moving my case i accidentally turned off my PC. Luckily i lost nothing but i found it a bit annoying. Is there a way to make it so when you press the power button while the PC is on it does nothing?
  5. Just seems weird. If a brand account is a part of a main account it should have similar settings. Just surprised it says it doesn't have 2Fa but always asks me to enter 2FA because of the account its connected to. Least the notifications have stopped guess whoever tried to log in gave up. Still changed password for safety precautions and good to know that the 2FA worked.
  6. So i've had a youtube account for a good while and i only just noticed something in my settings. My brand account itself doesnt have the option to let me change passwords nor does it have 2FA on. BUT if i go to the default or owner account it has 2FA active and also lets me change my password. When i log into youtube it does ask me for 2FA thankfully (Text but im thinking of changing it) so i guess its taking most of the settings from the default account but why has google got a system like this? I'm asking because someone has just recently attempted to log into my account (and is still trying
  7. So i've just opened up the box, does this motherboard not come with an I/O shield or is it integrated already?
  8. Yeah i was originallyly going to but im not gonna take chances, its my only current CPU and i was going to go 5900x but i said id wait it out especially since its way out of stock atm. Id rather pay 55 bucks and have someone who knows what they are doing do it instead of loosing 500+ in hardware (AUD prices) but thank you for the suggestions guys, will let you know how i go EDIT: I forgot about this, took it to Centrecom they cleaned it for free on the spot no service charge all is well Happy new year guys!
  9. I might just take it to a local store... theyd probably do it safer... Will see if i can get a hold of em
  10. How would i go about that? How would i know which pins are what? Like shown in the picture they are on the very outside so cleaning might not be an issue with a cotton bud but well like i said dunno
  11. So im putting in a new motherboard an of course like last time my CPU was stuck to the heatsink so gently wiggled it off, however this time i noticed theres a little bit of thermal paste touching a few of the pins on the outside in the middle (photo provided) and now im a little worried about using it. I do have some isopropyl alcohol and cotton buds but ive never encountered a situation like this and i dont know what to do. Thermal paste was the noctua NTH11
  12. So in the case of games like Doom Eternal, will you come back with it when it has its next gen upgrades available to see the difference?
  13. Hi guys so went from 1809 to 1909 today due to 1809 being pretty much defunct. However i wasn't able to get my settings for my folders back which really annoys me. Brink over on another forum created a batch file thats supposed to save file settings like how they are viewed and grouped i believe. It should have worked... except it didn't. The tool itself is here if anyone has had any experience with it https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/17777-backup-restore-folder-view-settings-windows-10-a.html I really don't want to have to go through each and every folder to set it how i like it
  14. Read and write speed on both pages show 100 and 90 so dunno
  15. Hi guys looking for an SD card for the switch, apparently this model (https://www.amazon.com.au/Samsung-MicroSDXC-Full-Size-MB-ME256GA-AM/dp/B072HRDM55/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0) has been taken over by this one (https://www.amazon.com.au/Samsung-Select-microSDXC-Adapter-MB-ME256HA-dp-B0887P21Z2/dp/B0887P21Z2/ref=dp_ob_title_ce) but they look the same to me. Anyone know the difference?
  16. Hi guys so my Motherboard returned from RMA with an audio issue i had which was high pitches squealing. unfortunately it only seems it is somewhat fixed. I installed the audio drivers from ASUS' website which are Realtek drivers for the x470 prime pro and according to people it sounds like this (lower your volume before listening to either file!) Any ideas? I've tried front panel jacks and back panel jacks. 443653821_pitchedcrackling.mkv
  17. Yeah no need to change anything i still have them downloaded but im probably going to do a clean reinstall soon and wanted to see if there was any later versions but Skii's already answered that.
  18. Ah thanks. Guess it does make it easier when i get that G Pro mouse.
  19. So i got a C920. Last time i had downloaded drivers the file was something like LWS280 which i assume was just logitech webcam software. Has this software since been discontinued with later drivers? It seems to recommend me G hub on their website or log cam software.
  20. NVM please delete thread i read it wrong cant use AMD gpu with gysnc it was freesync monitors may be g-sync compatible.
  21. What case is that in this video btw? Haven't seen it before.
  22. So woke up this morning booted up PC and Chrome is taking forever to load a single webpage. Tired Edge just to make sure it wasn't my end and was working perfectly. Any ideas? Haven't installed any new extensions or anything either. Only extension I got installed from their store was ublock origin. EDIT: Nevermind I fixed it, I found disabling ublock origin was making it work, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it and its working again on problem.
  23. Nope its mainly explorer settings and then having to do the same with chrome or whatever browser because apparently it reads it differently. Seriously why would i want my files grouped in any way.