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  1. A category so wide that places both chowder and custard pie in the same group is meaningless. Because the cube rule fails to add meaning it is invalid.
  2. NOPE. The so called "cube rule" is incorrect from a conceptional point. It classifies soup in a bread bowl as a kind of quiche, WRONG. Quiche is by definition an egg dish. Soup in a bread bowl is just that, soup in a bread bowl. Anyone that fails to grok the fundamental difference, in not just construction but also philosophy, the between falafel and enchilada is not someone you should be taking classification advice from. I also take serious issue with the broad strokes painted by category 6, """""calzone""""" . It's a rare thing that someone so wrong is quoted by so many people.
  3. Here's a song that will blow your don johnson off.
  4. If you can eat an entire bologna in a similarly sized hot dog bun then I will change my mind. Until then I am right and hotdogs are not sandwiches.
  5. Yes but no one puts an entire bologna log on a sandwich. It's eaten as a slice but as a capsule. Therefore bologna is not a hotdog, therefore irrelevant. Edit to your edit: I suspect your wife's native language is not american english. If it was she would agree with me.
  6. I'm open to hearing your augments but I think that hotdogs are not sandwiches. Hotdogs (the food) is constructed when a hotdog (the sausage) and a hotdog bun come together. This is the only time an object is a hotdog (the food). It's not a kind of sandwich because hotdogs (the sausage) are capsule shaped. No sandwich ingredients are capsule shaped.
  7. Currently US and Canada only. You would have to use a US po Box service that relays mail worldwide.
  8. I have nothing to offer other then my sympathies and this video from NotJustBikes. He talks about the exact thing you are experiencing.
  9. My alcoholic uncle doesn't where a seat belt driving his '87 Chevy. Art imitates life.
  10. While it's technically against TOS if you have any Windows 7 Pro keys lying around (a good place to look is on old Dell and HP computers, particularly ones meant for business use, eg Optiplex). You can enter them into your Windows 10 installation and as long as the key hasn't been used before you will have no problem activating. Another slightly riskier method is Grey market keys. Any key you buy on eBay or one of the many game key resellers is a legitimately acquired key through either non Microsoft channels (Ingram micro used to work with key resellers) or other means, like left
  11. Adding some new info. They've sold out of US preorders (for the base model) and have opened preorders in the Canadian market. From the start Framework's proposition is less complicated then Phone Blocks. Laptops are already semi-modular but building an entire ecosystem for mobile phones from scratch years ago was something else entirely (Framework's module system is build on top of existing USB-C standards vs something Phone Blocks invented, or planned to invent.) The comparison to Phone Blocks is apt but Framework is much closer to being a real product you can buy then phone blocks ever was.
  12. I wrote that post 8 years ago and since then I have started working on friends computers again. I work in IT (MSP) so I am better at setting expectations than I used to be. And I get free food/drinks!
  13. It's a pretty good monitor. UltraWide 34" monitor prices and availability have been whack the past year. I looked at that exact LG and it's not bad for the price. For slightly more you can get this AOC one (which I ended up picking): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZB2TNZZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 It's 1440p, 3 year warranty, and slightly better I/O. However it's a VA panel so the color isn't as good and you can get ghosting in certain scenes. You can compensate with overdrive but it's still not perfect.
  14. Hello Gamers! I am working on my home lab and want to use either Untangle or OPNSense as my main firewall. I also don't want to buy another box to put it in. I do have an old ThinkStation and an old 4-port Gigabit Ethernet card. However I've been having some issues with the WAN side. Installation of OPNSense went fine, assigning the interfaces was a breeze, LAN side works... but no WAN IP. No matter what config I try the WAN interface (of the virtual firewall) never gets an IP from my modem. If I connect my regular $40 Netgear router it works fine, get an IP no issue.
  15. Looks like the sensors are miss reporting. I'll update the BIOS and report back.