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  1. Is this why my Synapse would just crash on startup, then work fine the next day?
  2. Good. Chrome is single handedly killing my Surface tablet's battery.
  3. They knew they were breaking a Federal Law, and yet the did it anyway. I'd fine their company for what it's worth and throw the executives and founders in prison if I had the choice.
  4. Even with the song backwards, that still sounded like it would've been in the game.
  5. If it's strong enough to get 3rd party companies to actually make games for the damn thing, who cares?
  6. I have a 390X and have triple monitors. Having the EXACT same issue.
  7. As an i7 owner, this is disgusting. Just because you didn't buy an i7 (not even because of performace, just purely the money you put into your CPU) shouldn't mean you can't play part of a game. This company is going on my scum list for greedy game devs.
  8. Apple is so good at innovating. I love all these features nobody is asking for. I also love how their new designs are relying on other companies to also innovate, when they're just trying to not get sued because of their dumb copyrights.
  9. Thank god this doesn't include Skyrim mods. The title seems a bit misleading. But I digress. For all the stress and feelings of time being wasted hackers inflict on people legitimately try to follow the rules and play fair and square, they do need time in jail. The real question is whether or not children's parents are going to get into trouble over this as well if they're underaged or not.
  10. LG/FR are Gen 1 remakes, Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald are the original Gen 3 games.
  11. If it's anything like their GPU heatsinks, it's gonna be pretty dank.
  12. I'm 99% sure this has to do with Apple rigging the hardware.
  13. As someone who has owned a Note 7, it was an amazing phone. And I desperately wish I could have it back.
  14. Here's a video showing "intense PvP" from Stimpy's channel. Can anyone watch this and tell me what about this is even remotely entertaining or competitive?
  15. I've been wearing glasses since I was 5. (Now 21)
  16. The top video is an awesome tour of the labs showing all their hella expensive stuff they use. And the bottom video is obvious.
  17. Just as a first off, the average lifespan of a game that can be competitive is 10 years from release, CS being the only exception because of how it was basically revamped a third time after the CS:Source playerbase crash, and in turn was made popular again after the CS:GO release. Some real input on this though... For Minecraft to have any relevance in the eSports scene it has to have at least a few things. A good audience (It has a wide audience, but certainly not in the age group you'd want to have for a sport with money involved) Have appealing vi
  18. The words "Minecraft" and "Competitive" being used in the same post
  19. I wish it wasn't damn near impossible to stream your 3DS to your PC... of course without paying $300+ to get a capture card installed by some random person online.


    All the software mods online seem to be getting patched out.


    I can only hope that Nintendo is doing this on purpose, so maybe they're working on some 3DSWare that will let you stream to you Switch wirelessly.


    I won't get my hopes up too high though...