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    B450 Mortar
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    16GB 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance
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    1080ti EVGA Black Edition
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    Thermaltake V21
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    500GB Crucial MX500
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    Corsair RM 1000W
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    Dell UP2718Q
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    Phanteks TC14PE
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    Zowie FK2 400dpi 1000Hz
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    Philips Fidelio X2
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    Windows Botnet 10

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  1. https://www.rocketjumpninja.com/products/mice should give you some ideas
  2. I'd like to see a somewhat indepth video or stream from Linus on how to play the game lol.
  3. Oppo Reno Z, my Moto G charge port b0rked
  4. fps_max 0 used to help alot back when, not sure if it makes much difference now as haven't played in a good while
  5. Is PBO enabled in the BIOS? If so, disable it and re run the benchmarks.
  6. My external enclosure keeps sleeping my drive and it's rather annoying, is there any other enclosure or box thats usb based but doesnt put drives to sleep?
  7. Just used the rubber mounts and it worked perfect, thanks for the help
  8. Theres only 4 holes for mounting, it doesnt matter what way the fan is the screwholes wont line up
  9. Looks the same apart from the bottom of the front panel does not click into place.
  10. Hi, according to noctuas website and numerous pc part picker photos this fan should fit the front of this case. It all screws in fine but the front panel does not properly close. this case supports 30mm thick fans which this noctua is but it doesnt seem compatible? i've even tried mounting it without the anti vibration mounts and still no joy. Any ideas?