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  1. I want to see where this Dremel sponsorship comes into play? Good score mate!
  2. House of Kolor can be an expensive addiction but one worth having! Hey Bro Small World!
  3. Wow Daniel it's been a long time since I checked in on this. All your years of experience are showing in this build. Perfection my friend!
  4. This is a direct link to the CPU article - http://www.computerpoweruser.com/DigitalIssues/ComputerPowerUser/CP____1403__/files/27.html
  5. Hey that looks pretty cool! I'm surprised you get CPU Magazine over there. My mate Sam can't find it in London anywhere. I'll send him over a couple of copies. Cpu actually gives free subscriptions if you contact them. No one is more surprised than me that this happened. Thanks Mate! http://www.computerpoweruser.com/DigitalIssues/ComputerPowerUser/CP____1403__/files/27.html
  6. I try not to think about what these things cost, other wise I might feel guilty for not spending my money responsibly. fortunately that will never happen, Live for today because tomorrow is never guaranteed and other philosophical bull shit!
  7. Their pretty good for that style of music, It's a little heavier than I usually listen to. I just noticed you live in Texas, I used to live in Harlingen down by Brownsville. I'm south of OKC now. Boring around here, but I'm either working or modding or goofing around on the computer so it doesn't really matter anyway.
  8. Ok now I can let everyone know whats happened. The Metallica Tribute Build won CPU Magazine's Mad Reader Mod of the month and got the cover. I didn't expect to get the cover, because of CES just going down. There would be to many shiny things to put on the cover besides us. I'm totally honored to get this, because there are so many incredible builders out there. They wrote up a nice article and mentioned all my sponsors and the people that helped me out. thanks to everyone here for following! http://www.computerpoweruser.com/DigitalEditions/Default.aspx
  9. I know your dad Codeleaker, I wouldn't say were friends, just because I'm a noob compared to him. I have great respect for him! Ohh this is Heaths build log! this is kickin bro! you should enter it in the coolmaster contest. lol
  10. Small world Bro I like it! It's like bar hopping without the fights ha ha
  11. I was wondering, I finally get my build done and hoping maybe just maybe I might make the cut and then they quit doing it? It takes a whole lot of people and work to run a big forum like this. I have been recommending Linus tech forums to people, mainly because of how great the people are here. And once they come over the find the same thing I did! great place to share each others work.
  12. Hey guys- apparently they don't do build of the month around here anymore ha ha oh well I have other Irons in the fire. For those Modders that want to be sponsored there is a price! one I'm glad to pay at the risk of your boredom. lol Sponsorship is a business deal. They provide parts, I make the parts look good and promote their products. If you get lucky enough to get sponsored once and you don't hold up your end of the deal that will be the end of it. But not only that, it hurts future unknown modders, because manufacturers get tired of getting burned by people with big plans that don
  13. Brians your Dad, Cool. Grean machine is Awesome. I miss that he is't as active now that he is up at Samson. he is one of the best around. Hey Heath I didn't know you were over here too. small world! coolio
  14. I prefer not to over complicate family rig's their not up to it and if there are any issues than it is your fault some how. Make his dependable at all cost. Cheers!
  15. Welcome to the wonderful world of water cooling. You do realize that you can never go back now! once you water cool, nothing else will ever do. Have fun with it!