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  1. OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit CPU: i5-6500 MOBO: Gigabyte Z170X-UD3 GPU: XFX R9-390 RAM: G-skill 8GB 2400Mhz STORAGE: 1TB WD SN750 SSD You can find my old post about this here After putting new fans on the GPU and reapplying the thermal paste I still have the exact same issue. I found out that by removing the GPU completely from the motherboard I could use the computer just fine. So now I'm thinking this is an issue with the GPU. And I was doing a bit of research and people suggested many different things but it boiled down to the GPU probably bein
  2. I just ran a test using MemTest86 and no errors were found. Any other suggestions?
  3. OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit CPU: i5-6500 MOBO: Gigabyte Z170X-UD3 GPU: XFX R9-390 RAM: G-skill 8GB 2400Mhz STORAGE: 1TB WD SN750 SSD This has to be the weirdest thing I've ever had to deal with. I was watching a YouTube video when my PC froze, the kind where the audio stays at the same frequency and is really annoying. I click my case's restart button and it boots into the BIOS, then the Windows logo comes up and the indicator circle spins a bit then freezes. I've had bad luck with Windows before so I thought a re-install would be the easiest way to fix this
  4. I ended up using Hiren's BootCD PE which is free instead of PartedMagic and one of the data recovery utilities, Lazesoft Data Recovery, was able to transfer the videos after 24 hours of waiting! Way longer than I expected but I have them! My mom is so happy about it so thank you for the help. If anyone reads this and is in the same boat try it out. I used their USB Booting program to create a OS to boot from on a spare USB stick and it worked perfectly.
  5. Do you have any recommended guide I could follow? I was able to transfer everything except 3 videos. The weird part is they can play from the USB stick but when I try to transfer the files it fails.
  6. Yes. I was actually able to move over the smallest video after about 30 minutes when it's only 6 seconds long. Using VLC the video pauses about 1 second into it and is paused for a couple of seconds then resumes and has a lot of artifacting for the rest of the video. That's fine since I was at least able to recover it. I'm going to keep trying for the rest.
  7. I've been trying to get about 10 videos and 1 picture off of my mom's old Sony 4GB USB stick but everytime I insert it into my USB 3.0 port on my PC the drive takes forever to actually load in File Explorer then when I go to transfer the files it gets stuck at 2-4%. It also seems to be affecting my NVMe boot drive because if I try to download something or create a new folder it freezes up and takes minutes before unfreezing. I've never encountered this before so I really have no idea what to do. My first guess is the USB has to be corrupted somehow but I want to get the files off before format
  8. How would I find a replacement? I searched on Aliexpress "wistron lcd cable 504em03401" but nothing came up with that model number. Are display cables kind of universal? Or does it have to be that specific one?
  9. So I'm trying to repair my parents old Dell laptop and I wanted to get some insight from people who are more experienced than me to know if the screen needs to be replaced completely. Everytime the laptop is powered on the screen will freeze or flicker depending on the position of the screen. As shown in the video you can see that it only does this when the cable is moved. So do you think that this could just be the cable that connects from the motherboard to the display? Or is the whole screen garbage? A new display on Aliexpress is about $60 CAD so I would hate to see my parents spend that m
  10. Thank you so much for finding that video! I for some reason could only find other MSI laptops on Youtube. When I had the bottom cover off I thought the heat pipes went through the fan so I would have to take off the whole cooling system but it looks to be much easier than that. I'll be sure to try and replace it myself now!
  11. I have already had problems with the laptop before but MSI pretty much cheated me out of my warranty as their website said I had 1 yr + 3 months but the reps on the phone stated that was wrong and it's actually only 6 months + 3 months since the laptop was refurbished from Newegg when I bought it. Of course they decided to tell me this after 6+ calls and after my warranty was already past 9 months. I escalated to a supervisor who pretty much told me I'm out of luck. I'm never buying MSI again.
  12. I have an MSI GT62VR 6RE DOMINATOR PRO laptop that has given me nothing but headache. Only in the last few days did I notice that the right side fan doesn't spin anymore. The left side fan still works so at least the laptop can run but I wouldn't trust any games with only half the air output. I took the back cover off and re-plugged the fan header but no luck. Any other tips or fixes I could try? I really don't want to bring it to a technician as I already hate my experience with MSI and to sink more money into the piece of junk would pain me.
  13. I've never tried their products before but that mouse pad sure is sexy