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  1. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to The_russian in Google will stop personalized ads and tracking   
    Bold of you to assume the NSA doesn't already have the info
  2. Funny
    matrix07012 reacted to FakeKGB in Google will stop personalized ads and tracking   
    Google will auction it off to the NSA.
  3. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to gabrielcarvfer in Google will stop personalized ads and tracking   
    There are way too many of them.

  4. Funny
    matrix07012 reacted to trag1c in Google will stop personalized ads and tracking   
    In more recent news Google has announced its new revenue stream... the human power cell. 
  5. Funny
    matrix07012 reacted to Drama Lama in Samsung's New HBM2 Memory Thinks for Itself: 1.2 TFLOPS of Embedded Processing Power   
    that's what I'd call real " smart memory"
  6. Funny
    matrix07012 reacted to TrigrH in M1 Mac owners are experiencing extremely high SSD writes over short periods of time, likely thanks to aggressive swap   
    inb4 intel add this to their crappy marketing campaign.
    Context: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-go-pc-ad-campaign-targets-apple
  7. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to TVwazhere in Steam bans "Very Positive" game developer   
    So they admit to try to manipulate how something looks to make it seem better than it is. Manipulation is manipulation.
    Regardless if they admit it or not, glad they got banned. 
  8. Like
    matrix07012 reacted to WereCatf in Steam bans "Very Positive" game developer   
    Of course it was entirely intentional, the dev is just salty that Valve reacted this quickly. I am one of the people who reported the dev a couple of days ago.
  9. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to flibberdipper in Steam bans "Very Positive" game developer   
    IMO it's deserved. They clearly knew what they were trying to do. The saying of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" really rings true here.
  10. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to givingtnt in Steam bans "Very Positive" game developer   
    TBH a ban might be a bit harsh, a forced name change and some other form of.. actually nevermind.
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    matrix07012 reacted to suicidalfranco in ChromeOS surpasses MacOS/OSX market share. Now second most used OS in the PC space.   
    I'm surprised google never killed it given the company's past track record, and the rocky beginnings of ChromsOS
  12. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to GoodBytes in ChromeOS surpasses MacOS/OSX market share. Now second most used OS in the PC space.   
    Sure, if it makes you sleep better at night. In my opinion, it has been modified so much that Linux part is nearly unrecognizable in the user desktop perspective.
    ChromeOS addresses a mass number of issues that the Linux community has been very against in tackling (at least in all big distros). If they did, maybe a Linux based OS (not modified to a point of being unrecognizable, I mean), could probably be more used than Windows. But anyways, that is of course, just my opinion.
  13. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to SADS in Paying in meme - Elon Musk offers money to help Dogecoin become ‘currency of the internet’ and Dogecoin price rockets after.   
    The fact that these digital currencies appear SO volatile just makes me trust them even less.
    All it seems to take is one man and a news article to rocket the price.
  14. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to WereCatf in Huawei makes new OS, basically Android 10.   
    Huawei != China.
  15. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to Sauron in Mi Air Charge - Xiaomi introduces technology that allows to charge phones remotely in a ~5m radius   
    I wish they would stop pushing wireless charging, it's just a stupid idea. It's wildly inefficient and barely any more convenient than its wired counterpart.
    Also I would be surprised if this ends up working as intended, the physics are just not in its favor.
  16. Funny
    matrix07012 reacted to Stahlmann in Mi Air Charge - Xiaomi introduces technology that allows to charge phones remotely in a ~5m radius   
    Can't wait for the tinfoil-hatters that claim they get brainwashed with the energy waves.
  17. Funny
  18. Funny
    matrix07012 reacted to spartaman64 in Google play bans video app for supporting advanced sub stations alpha (.ass) subtitles files   
    source: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/01/googles-bots-decide-ass-subtitle-support-is-too-risque-for-the-play-store/
    Bad bot but at least they resolved it quickly and hopefully they updated their bot to take more context into account than just looking for lone words. Also I'm not surprised that extension came from the anime subtitle community.
  19. Funny
    matrix07012 reacted to valdyrgramr in YouTube has deleted SemperVideo, a 13 year-old educational German IT channel   
    Well, technically hacking just means programming.   So, I'll come at you with my C++ skillz bruh!   I'll bite your ear off with Python.   Before ya think you've understood the flow of my movements I'll strike with Raptor.   You don't even wanna know how much Java I've had!
  20. Informative
    matrix07012 reacted to itrr14 in YouTube has deleted SemperVideo, a 13 year-old educational German IT channel   
    YouTube has deleted SemperVideo, a 13 year-old educational German IT channel, after they received three strikes against their channel for questionable reasons. SemperVideo had a wide variety of tutorials ranging from Raspberry Pis to Samba.
    The first strike came from a video where SemperVideo showed viewers how to install a VPN using the command prompt and the reasoning for the strike was "showing hacking instructions" (Source). The second strike came when SemperVideo uploaded a video showing how to access a "hidden" Windows 10 2004 start menu, which involved importing a registry tweak. Their official blog post about the situation can be read here. (This was using Google Translate).
    This isn't the first time a channel has been striked due to teaching "hacking". The Verge made an article in 2019 about Null Byte who received a strike for using Wi-Fi to launch fireworks for July 4th, which YouTube later said was a mistake.
    From SemperVideo's Too Dangerous for YouTube (translated):
    Team YouTube has responded on Twitter:
    My thoughts
    This is concerning as there are countless tutorial videos on YouTube that involve using the command prompt or making registry tweaks, with such as LTT and Level1Techs.
    The Twitter post by Team YouTube doesn't bring much hope as SemperVideo mentioned in his video post about their first strike and how they were assigned a specialist to analyze the reason for the strike, and it was upheld.
    SemperVideo's blog post on the removal: http://sempervideo.de/youtube-hat-sempervideo-geloescht/
    SemperVideo's video post on their first strike: http://sempervideo.de/video/stand-der-dinge-und-frohe-weihnachten/?tape=2
    SemperVideo's blog post on their second strike: http://sempervideo.de/zu-gefaehrlich-fuer-youtube-2/
    Team YouTube's response: https://twitter.com/TeamYouTube/status/1352637628143853572
    The Verge's post on Null Byte's YouTube strike: https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/3/20681586/youtube-ban-instructional-hacking-phishing-videos-cyber-weapons-lab-strike
  21. Funny
    matrix07012 reacted to Nineshadow in NVIDIA to reintroduce the RTX 2060 series into the market   

    Among the GPU shortages of these days, NVIDIA has plans to reintroduce more RTX 2060 and 2060 Super cards into the market, even though the 3060 is planned to be released next month.
    The prices are expected to hover around 300 EUR for an RTX 2060 and around 400 EUR for an RTX 2060 Super (in France).
    My thoughts
    I've wanted to upgrade my GPU for quite a while now, but I, like a lot of other people out there, don't want to spend a big amount of money on a GPU. Right now, most mainstream video cards, such as the 1660 super or the RTX 2060, are either out of stock everywhere, or sold by scalpers at insane prices. The only cards that I see available are 600+ Euros and that leaves a lot of budget gamers with no GPU options.
    This news brings some hope of finding a decent GPU at a reasonable price. However, it remains to be seen if it will be effective. The new GPU stock could be gone really quickly, or it could be sold at inflated prices.
    On the other hand, this also hints at issues with the RTX 3060. NVIDIA might not be able to release it on time (unlikely), or NVIDIA has issues with supply and their partners won't be able to sell them at launch price (likely). Considering the new stock of RTX 2060 Super is expected to cost more than the MSRP of the RTX 3060, I think it's the latter.
    overclocking.com [french]
  22. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to Master Disaster in Nvidia Fixes Their Driver Issues (it's not just AMD who has driver issues)   
    Why would AMD need to fix exploits present in Nvidia's kernel mode driver module?
  23. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to Kilrah in Nvidia Fixes Their Driver Issues (it's not just AMD who has driver issues)   
    I don't see how the comparison with AMD makes any sense, fixing security issues is good but that's not something users will notice or usually care about unlike crashing and non-working drivers where people aren't able to use their GPUs correctly...
  24. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to jagdtigger in Giga Leak 8 released, includes boot rom source code for both Nintendo Switch revisions.   
    Once up on the internet it stays on the internet, no amount of lawyers gonna prevent this rule taking effect.....
  25. Agree
    matrix07012 reacted to Murasaki in Giga Leak 8 released, includes boot rom source code for both Nintendo Switch revisions.   
    Nintendo legal department on crunch this holiday.