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  1. Thanks for the confirmation everyone, appreciate it!
  2. Building a small home networking setup, wall mounting the gear and just wanted to check that this is okay for my (8port-PoE TP-link) switch power with the cable being reeled tightly like this, that it’s not going to cause any problems? Thank you in advance
  3. Definitely for case fan controllers.... http://support.fractal-design.com/support/solutions/articles/152733-how-do-i-connect-the-cables-on-the-fan-controller-
  4. I don't have the PC with my atm as I'm out and on my laptop... but basically, from the front USB/audio connectors on the outside, top, front of the Fractal R4 case, comes a bunch of cables. There's the audio and switch/LED headers which go to the motherboard... and also there are three 3pin fan connectors, plus what looks like a SATA power connector. Actually you can see them here: https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Fractal_Design/Define_R4/images/install2.jpg And after a bit googling, I've read that you should connect your Case Fans -into- these sockets, attached to the Case, which h
  5. I'd like to install some internal LEDs in my system, just a long strip of them, wrapped around the inside. Is it best to power these via a 4pin fan connector, a 3pin fan connector, or a molex connector? Cheers!
  6. TBH, i don't even know what the 3x 3pins are for! They're just attached the front of the Fractal R4 case. Maybe they are for the fans on the front intake behind the door, but there is only 2 fans there. So I'm not sure what the 3 connectors are for really But you think a 4pin, rather than the molex, just incase they are for fans?
  7. I want to order a Y-splitter to power 3x case fan connectors on my Fractal Define R4 Case (that come from the front of the case, but tbh i don know what they do yet)... My question is, am i better off going: - 4pin > 3x 3pin or - Molex > 3x 3pin ??? Thank you
  8. Just the chip? Not really mate.. if youre interested in the PC though we could talk, but UK only im afriad
  9. Is this still going to be worth the upgrade to a Z97-based system over my current PC? What benefit will I see over the existing i7 950 3GHz Quad-core CPU vs the 4790K 4GHz Quad-core CPU? Doesnt seem like much of a jump to me. (or am i wrong?) Memory-wise im running 12GB and had anticipated 16GB in the new build. Again, not much of a jump is it really? So that only leaves SSD > M.2 hard drive to see any real performance gains. What do you guys think? Quad i7 950 soc1366 -vs- Quad i7 4790k soc1150 12GB DDR3 -vs- 16GB DDR3 120GB SSD vs 480GB M.2
  10. No particular budget in mind really. Maybe £1500, but its really not set in stone, I can go higher but would also love it much much lower lol. But those specs in blue are kinda what ive set myself at (also because of their colour as well will work nice for the White theme) PSU - open to recommendations (I have no idea what wattage those specs will require), but it must be white. Cases - im looking around at.
  11. Hi all, Long time LTT fan but new to the forums! I'm a web designer & heavy Adobe CS6 user, often multi-tasking those applications, plus MS office apps, 2-3 browsers (maybe 8+ windows full of tabs), ripping my blurays, watching youtube usually all at once! I dont do any serious video editing really, but do use Adobe Audition 3 for music mixing infrequently. Re PC Gaming, im a light gamer, dont do it too often (time restraints ...but fav games would be Football Manager, Command & Conquer series, SimCity 5 so nothing heavy-duty, but I may venture into some newer, more modern g