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  1. whats the point of learning to fly if you are going to avoid airplanes that was contradictory
  2. Read this thread while listening to the masterpiece that is this theme song: One comment I really liked was: "This movie isn't just a movie, yes it has some logical flaws, but you have to look over it. You have to look behind its meaning. This movie pushes the boundaries of film making. This movie shows us how we, the human species, have to look at our future. It tells us, of what we are capable of. It shows what makes us human, what defines us. This movie is life-changing." -LeadersasAnimals I strongly agree with this. After watching the movie, I felt changed. I looke
  3. Usually happens as you get older mb, didn't read the bottom of your post.
  4. 1080p is a standard for desktop monitors, let alone video games
  5. Not to be rude but I was expecting some phone porn At least I bumped your thread OP
  6. Those aren't muslims If they don't have the same ideas or similar ideas to muslims, guess what? THEY'RE NOT MUSLIMS PASTAFARIANS 4 LYFE
  7. Nothing makes you sound stupider Than Writing Like This What is it with kids adopting this sickening type of writing? Listen OP, it's nice and all that you're re-assuring him, but first of all, he's trolling you and second of all you shouldn't be pronouncing yourself on a topic where you have absolutely no expertise in, especially the medical field.
  8. I have the same exact board - I got it for $120 CAD. Incredibly ovepriced - might as well go for Skylake.
  9. You'd have to bundle a motherboard with it for it to actually sell because I believe they do not sell anymore Z77/Z67 motherboards anymore (obviously not in production)
  10. I was just messing with you dude. Throw away that burger and do not ingest thermal compound again and you will be fine man.
  11. Your skin might possibly become blue (or you might notice some blue spots) within the next couple of weeks/months, maybe even years.