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  1. I'm looking for a monitor and I was wonder what I should choose between a curved or flat monitors. If I pick flat monitors, I will go for dual monitors--for productivity and probably procrastinating my assignments). But what do you guys think? Tell me what their pro's and con's? PS: The new ASUS gaming monitor 34' G-sync, looks very promising.
  2. Can't wait to see how everything comes together!
  3. They do! And I am loving their design. These office chairs makes me want to buy 2 chairs, one for my room and study room. I should look into it! Thanks for this post! Definitely will look into this kind of format. Yeah but I'm looking all kinds of chairs so I have my options. ^ ^ Best. Chair. Ever. It seems like the Dxracer has been the most suggested, I shall look into that! And thank you so much for your input! The Ikea Markus looks amazing! So bold and modern! Thank you for your pictures! And I do say those chairs look supe
  4. Oh my, these chairs look so aggressive. I do like Linus' chair, but I'm worried that the chair might be too big for me.
  5. I'm looking for a chair for my gaming/productivity desk. I was wondering what is an ideal chair for an average sitting of 3-6 hours. I'm pretty short person (compare to most people), 5'4'' so that might be a consideration when choosing a chair. My desk is quite spacious and I prefer the chair not to be huge! What do you guys think? PS: I'm don't really have a limited budget and prefer a chair that has a butt-support, hence from sitting too long. Let me know what chair do you guys use!
  6. The best way to get a new desk is to go to the store and see how the desk is, (it would be utterly disappointing that if you assembled the desk and didn't like it). Ikea have some great showcases with their desks and they can ship it to your help (and help you install, if that's needed). PLUS you can go get that $1 ice cream! Hope you'll find your awesome desk for your gaming station. ;D
  7. Keep it going! This is definitely the case I wanted to build for my next PC, (funny how we're getting similar parts)! I'm interested of how you're going to arrange the parts together--I researched hours just to find a right place for my radiators and pumps (none look so interesting). Do you mind me asking if that case can insert a sound card? I've looking at their fame and it seems like to plug the sound card, you have to plug the cords into the system (which is an odd way to put in your sound audio). Let me know if anything! Super sorry if this request, but if you can help me ou