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  1. I got stepping 0 on this 8320 and it locks up at anything over 4.6 but I was able to get a stable 274 bus speed and it benches pretty close to my old 8320 at 4.8 while this one is at 4.5 I think theres something wrong with the openGL test, at least for me, cpu and gpu usage was low, literally everytime I tested it, the score went down 5fps. I was going to see if the openGL test was heavily single threaded but in task manager it actually used 3 cores, kindof. Kind of weak single threaded performance but thats what you get with a $100 8 core. I'm downloading Unigine Valley now.
  2. I've done rebuilds in this case 5 times in less than a year because of platform and cooling upgrades. Specs: FX 8320 Asus 990fx evo R2.0 8Gb Kingston Hyper X Blu @1600 Seasonic M12II 750w 1Tb WD Blue Gigabyte HD 7950 Nzxt Phantom 410 4 120mm Nzxt Case fans 1 140mm Nzxt White Led case fan XSPC X20 750 pump/res XSPC Raystorm cpu block RS 240 cheap ass rad 1/2 inch pvc tubing from osh 1/2 inch barbs with hose clamps coolant:distilled water I used to have a 8320 and a Gigabyte 990fx UD3 rev3, and before that I had a FX 6300 and a Asrock 990fx Extreme 4 (physically a pos) with a
  3. I just received an asus 990fx evo r2 and I matched the gold triangle and the notches in the socket all right and i also looked at the little plastic nubs that align with the bottom of the cpu, I built 3 computers this weak because all my friends got parts during black friday/cyber monday. 2 of them used fx 6300 and one was a 8320 in a gigabyte 990fx ud3. I know how to install a cpu into a socket but on the side of the triangle there is something in the way and the other 3 corners of the cpu go down alright. has anyone had this issue? the box came a little damaged but I don't know if that ca
  4. you can have an enthusiast board, with little features, a good board with great overclocking capabilites and a solid unlocked bios. but having onboard blutooth doesnt make a board enthusiast to me
  5. 750k or 6300, i wouldnt go for a 4300 or anything
  6. better motherboard, if your on a budget just get a cheap HSF like a hyper 212 evo, Theres no point in watercooling the 8350 on an msi 970 g43.
  7. im still confused, is this gonna be a server or what?
  8. in programs that fully utilizes 8 cores dood you said programs