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  1. monitor officially died.. oddly while watching this:
  2. looks like this one is the best candidate: (only thing listed with higher than 60hz and in the 40" range on pc part picker) https://www.amazon.com/XG438Q-Monitor-FreeSync-Displayhdr-Non-Glare/dp/B07WDLV344/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=XG438Q&qid=1574624268&sr=8-1 its only 150$ short of being double the price i paid in 2015 for 4k 60hz would love to find that i missed an option on the market.. or maybe there is something new coming down the pipe that someone has head about? ..
  3. I only have 16gb ramz .. I edit in UE4 just fine.. also, I am able to do a single pc stream to twitch with my setup, and I do not feel like I am being held back by adding the streaming to my normal gaming session.. i7, 16gb, gtx 1080.. I am streaming in 720p because my internet isnt fast enough for 1080, but i suspect that a1080 stream would start to choke my system out a little
  4. it has been suggested to me this morning (by my brother) that i should sent my dying monitor to the LTT guys after i replace it.. so they can do a video about repairing failing monitors .. not the worst idea IMO ..
  5. as the title indicates... my PHL BDM4065 (4k 60hz Monitor) is going to die soon .. (purchased 49 months ago) .. its screen is very dim now, and whenever I turn it on for the first time of the day it flickers mightily, and makes me think that this may be the day it just fails to turn on all together .. I use the monitor as a main monitor for my entertainment center, my gaming monitor, and I also do video game creation on it (unreal editor).. but I am not convinced i need super accurate color accuracy, as I am not the art guy.. i just make the basic levels that get polished by someon
  6. my wan show (broSoft) hoodie has gone onto life support.. I want a new hoodie to replace it, but the merch store has none of any kind as far as I can tell.. I would like a TechLinked hoodie that is just like the current T-Shirt, and a re-stock of the broSoft hoodie would be pretty sweet too. .. also, after you decide on a floatplane design, one of those in hoodie form would be sweet too... not that it matters... but... my main use for hoodies are morning jogs with the dogs, and evening bon fires @ the beach thanks! ** also, another quick
  7. how and when to use insulating washers on your motherboard screws and standoffs
  8. sadly, I think I'm too lazy to do a custom loop so i will be on AIO most likely
  9. 43' Philips is cheaper on amazon I have the older 40" version that is not curved.. i love it .. will never go smaller than 40 if i can help it
  10. without a doubt this is a correct statement.. for me, fan noise is one of the reasons i am so sold on water cooling.. but yea money is good to keep if you can; I absolutely agree.. this is part of why i am so torn on just making a choice and sticking with it
  11. i own a Philips 40" 4k monitor (amazon link) and love it.. even with its ghosting flaws.. (there is a user review of it on this site somewhere) currently coveting the Dell 43" 4k monitor (Amazon Link) but will probably just wait until my 40" dies.. because you know i like to keep SOME of my money only other thing i would say is if you can afford to go bigger than 28" you probably should .. it tends to be a bit small for that many pixels and windows scaling will make you cry.. i personally like the 40" dpi but a loty of people find their sweet spot is in the 32" range.
  12. Hello, and greetings.. I am looking for some feedback from the community.. I am getting a Ti for sure.. moneys r officially saved. I am definitely sold on water cooling; and I do technically already have an AIO closed cooling system (NZXT x31) I could add to a card if absolutely needed, but could also be used on the CPU. I really do prefer the MSI GTX 1080 Ti Seahawk X when it comes out.. but I have no idea when it will be released, and my trusty 780 just finally quit on me a couple of days ago. ...there are a few Ti cards already
  13. no thanks on the big laptops.. I had a 17" XP Media Center Edition HP back in the day.. and it was beastly at the time with its 540m quadro gpu .. never again though... i am now of the mind that properly cooled, thin, and light laptops are best for me (preferably with touch) .. if I need to game or serve up media? desktop is my recommendation
  14. how satellite television works could be interesting also, how tesla and or google vehicle based autopilot works would be cool to see
  15. i would love to see a wireless mouse comparison/roundup for 2016 mice.. i need one.. and prefer to hear your opinions before i buy one if at all possible.. maybe get the guys in on it, and do some kind of scoring system that adds all of your 'participants' scores together? *if i can game with it thats always a bonus, but not a requirement for me in this case
  16. I am happy with the black levels.. i only notice ugly black colors on the almighty youtube .. blu-ray or television broadcast looks amazing and clear
  17. I would prefer the Kova.. may I have one please? @ROCCAT @LinusTech
  18. IMO this is a pretty decent reason for @LinusTech or @Slick to get us queued up with some kind of 40" 4k pc monitor reviews.. but i dont expect to see them until higher than 60hz refresh becomes more commonly available. Also, i did watch a review on the AMH A409u but ultimately went with the Philips after my investigative process, and i do not know of any other monitors in this class that has the pip/pbp options available
  19. yep, a little outside my HDD budget ..off topic, do you plan on having part of the forum dedicated to each separate channel when you switch the forum layout over to the new one? ..i think it would be a nice touch if you did *edit* including the personal channels for the people that are working for LTT?
  20. Kova please .. because who wouldn't want something designed for power AND speed
  21. oh sweet.. I can see the new forum now .. oh wait, I'm just out on a friendly trolling expedition at the moment
  22. HMmmM, ..glad you guys enjoy poking fun at yourselves.. keep up the good work FYI - I've yet to see a completely 'bammer' video from you guys, hope it stays that way! .. but if you post something i don't like, its probably because of my preferences about the product(s), not your video *the link goes to urban dictionary for definition of 'bammer'*
  23. yay, the 4k video quality returns also, i like the 'rehabilitation' style voice effects (at least it reminded me of the rehabilitation voice over guy from the movie idiocracy)
  24. the screen blew out on my lumia 1520 today, I already wanted a smaller phone. so, I ended up buying the white unlocked international version of the Z5c from amazon .. ~and used the affiliate code~ I've been using a windows phone since something like 2011, so I am excited to see what the world looks like when you have app support