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  1. Yes it was the keyboard on MS tech's channel
  2. So incase you don't know about this keyboard which I doubt you do, it's a $35ish mechanical keyboard. The reason I want this is because my current membrane keyboard has broken and I want to buy a new keyboard but I don't want to spend too much simply because I don't have the funds to splurge. Anyways, this seems like an extremely good deal for a mechanical keyboard that has a metal back plate in it. So I'll be looking to purchase this soon unless there are better options at a similar price point with better features or if someone finds a major flaw with this keyboard.
  3. So I have come up with a build to do gaming in 1440p in games such as The Witcher 1, 2, and of course 3, along with GTA San Andreas, Liberty City and 5. I'll also be playing CS:GO and Battlefield One once it comes out. With this computer I will also be doing web design, graphics design, and programming in general. Also, I will be video editing short movies. I don't need a keyboard because I already have one but in august I would like to upgrade to a mechanical keyboard with cherry mx brown switches so if you could recommend me one that doesn't have to fit in the budget that would be great. Thi
  4. Yeah it's not as if if you have a designer t-shirt that is brand new and unopened that is worth a few hundred dollars they're going to make you pay taxes on it.
  5. I have looked into it and they are not on the TSA's prohibited items list and I think while they're going through the X-ray I'll just take them out of the bag and in separate trays in they're original packaging. I have also read that generally when going through security they will just check to see if it is explosives.
  6. In the parts to buy in Ireland there should be a hyper 212 evo. Is there not? @Pcinacan
  7. The reason that this build is much more complicated than regular builds is because I live in Ireland where prices are very expensive and there are no retailers that specifically tailor to Ireland, despite this fact you can still buy goods from many places in the UK and Germany, you just have to pay higher shipping costs and if they only ship to Northern Ireland you can use Parcel Motel to deliver them from Northern Ireland to the Republic for 4.50 euro. Also, I will be in California from June 29th to July 21st on vacation and I can buy parts there because I will be staying in the same house fo
  8. I think he'd need a mic for csgo
  9. So I'm building this PC for a friend as his first gaming PC. Included in this budget has to be two monitors, preferably both 1440p but if necessary only one can be 1440p and the other 1080p. Along with peripherals and everything else. He plays all games such as GTA V, CS:GO and he is very excited for Battlefield 1. The case should be the Phanteks Eclipse P400 in grey but if that's not possible that's fine to. We live in Ireland so all the parts have to be ordered from Amazon UK but if you can use the 1800 euro in another store that delivers to Ireland that's great. A headset, mouse and mechani
  10. So I have £940 to spend on a pc for the 1070 and i need a mouse keyboard and monitor included.
  11. So the title says it all, I'm looking to learn some programming for web development and I'm not 100% sure on what to learn. I was thinking of learning HTML, CSS, Java, c#, ruby, and maybe ruby on rails but I'm not sure on any of them. Also, I would like to know what the best way to learn is because I was thinking of just learning on codecademy but I have seen people say on this forum that it's not the best way to learn.
  12. So the title says it all. Basically I know the basics of HTML and I would like to choose one of the paths in Codecademy to get back to coding because I usually do better in a structured environment or else I get distracted and just start procrastinating. I was thinking of either doing the full stack path or the front end path but I'm really not sure. Any suggestions? Edit: Most people are assuming I know HTML perfectly, that's not the case. When I say 'a bit', I mean that I got around 40% into the Codecademy course around a year ago before stopping
  13. Ok, just ask him why he wants one because an optical drive is rarely used anymore and it could save money in the budget. If he doesn't know a lot about computers he may think it's still necessary for games so it's best just to ask him
  14. Do you really need an optical drive?
  15. The Buying Situation So, I live in Ireland but I often travel to California for work and I just recently lived there. I will be traveling to California on Feb 13th for work and can buy parts that are much cheaper in America there that are small enough to fit in a suitcase such as RAM and other things but I will be forced to buy the case and monitor from amazon.co.uk because I will not be able to fit either of these items in a suitcase. The Parts List My budget is $1750 after tax or £1230 and I would like to game at high-ultra settings at 1440p at >45 fps on AAA titles such as