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  1. So I installed a new ssd and I’m now getting 40 FPS in cyberpunk at high settings . Crazy. Anyone who knows how I can pinpoint which programs on my pc are making it run slow? I’ll be grateful. Thanks
  2. So this issue has been going on for a few months and I wanted to know exactly what the issue is. Would be grateful for your help. Almost anything I do, which includes using simple Firefox, my CPU runs at 100%. This has resulted in me not being able to play simple games, not to talk of even cyberpunk. My machine is not that good but even people with a intel 2400 are able to play cyberpunk at meduim settings, so something is definitely wrong with my system. What makes it worse is that I can't even play simple games. These are my PC specs. Please help me troubleshoot this. I'll upgrade my PC bu
  3. Ok so I just found out that all of the motherboards which where picked are ATX. Sadly those would not work for me.
  4. I have a GPU already in my build right now. I didn't know the Ryzen came with a CPU cooler. Is it good? Everyone is mentioning a b550 pro 4 or a b450 tomhawk max or a mortar max, which honestly is confusing haha. @Darpyface will those motherboards work with the front usb c, or do I need to get a more expensive option.
  5. Hi. So someone on Reddit helped me with a PC part picker list, but the motherboard they choose was too expensive. This was the reason they gave, which I don't know if it's true. ( This is completely subjective, but I used to be a PC repairman, and I'd personally stay away from AsRock. I've had no shortage of issues with AsRock boards. I think Asus is best, and MSI/Gigabyte are tied for second.) I looking for a motherboard that costs around 200$. This is my PC part picker List. Feel free to tell me about any another issues, thank you.
  6. Thanks. Very sorry for the late replies. I'll contact you privately soon for how to go about that.
  7. If you host from a VPS, what difference does it make. Does it make your IP appear like it's coming from the VPS?
  8. Thanks. I mainly want to use it to appear as if I'm still in the US when I travel. Seems like it would work.
  9. I'm wondering why this topic is in guides?
  10. How does this compare to your VPN guide? Does this make you appear like you're using your home connection, which is what you did in your VPN guide.
  11. I just saw your post. I'm getting a 5G wireless card for my PC, so I don't have access to the 2.4ghz screen. I heard windows can create a 5ghz hotspot, but I don't know if the one it creates is wireless AC. What do you think? The Nanostation also needs an adapter also to work.