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  1. i have it and use it. the problem is i want a silent switch for any software.
  2. I want to install all my software silently and unattended. I use ninite it's incredible software but the problem is it only works with few software and it's online. there are many software which is not supported by ninite. Thanks for helping me.
  3. some days ago i updated my windows 10 and after successful update of windows i shutdown my machine and went to sleep. next morning i try to start my pc so i press the button, but strangely my pc doesn't boot. i re plug every thing from switch board to computer to ram everything but nothings happened. i keep trying it switch on and trying to figure out what is happening to my pc . also search on internet but found nothing. my pc also doesn't boot (no response at all). but suddenly after some hour pc switch on and boot by itself (power was on) all the lights glow up but no response on screen i
  4. i need a touchpad for my windows 10 pc. i really don't like touchscreen monitors but i want to enjoy the all new touch features in windows os. i get confused which one is good.
  5. Is sleeved cables make any difference or they just add some aesthetics to the build?
  6. i want to make a pc on intel's z170 based chipset. i choose i7 6700k with 16gb of ram at 2400mhz i am just very much curious about it's integrated graphics performance. Is it true we can edit and render a 4k video on z170 igpu alone. how about gaming if i didn't add any graphics card on my machine. At least i want to play at full hd 1080p.
  7. i think i should start to save money for that awesome thing.thanks mate
  8. really brother indian goverment policy sucks every thing related to computer hardware is hugely expensive. i don't understand why! thanks for your advice.
  9. thats really informative! but i have one doubt what make graphics better. is r9 390 has a better processor with 8gb of memory in terms of 970. 8gb is a very high memory for a graphics card. and in my country price of r9 390 and 980 has not much difference.
  10. price is double in india. by the way thanks
  11. yes i did a research on R9 390 but it almost double in price in india. by the way thanks for your answer.