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    asus P8z77-LK
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    hyper x 16gb 1600mhz
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    msi twinfrozr 3 GTX680 O/C
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    Antec 3
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    sanDisk 120gb ssd
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    corsair modular 750watt
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    dell 24" IPS
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    Corsair H90
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    windows 10 pro

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  1. yeah that's what i mean older models that can do 4k 60fps natively should be able to have hardware acceleration , or an update at least seems abit odd to say that a 4gb 256bity gpu isn't capable i feel its just lazy support
  2. ive tried the DL but cant seem to get decent playback on anything under an r9 390x or 1060 , yet an intel igpu on an i7 7700 can lol , i would assume those models could use hardware acceleration
  3. Amd and Nvidia have continued to not provide support for HEVC codec and cannot playback 4k 60fps that Requires Hardware acceleration , i am asking for community help to get the manufactures to provide this support asap most smart phones and cameras such as GoPro use this codec atm the only fix i found is to use the Intel IGPU that supports hardware acceleration on windows 10
  4. to tired to type ,just thought i'd share the links for others to read
  5. http://www.networkworld.com/article/2172394/tech-primers/understanding-where-802-11ad-wigig-fits-into-the-gigabit-wi-fi-picture.html http://www.link-labs.com/future-of-wifi-802-11ah-802-11ad/ Intel + Qualcomm team up create 7gb speeds over wifi