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Posts posted by Aaronius_Leonius

  1. 22 hours ago, Madgemade said:

    Why not just get some extra right angled cables, you can get ones that won't block each other. Like this. That should let you get all 4 cables on there. Designed for your very problem.

     Do not get any sata add in cards that use PCI. The PCI bus cannot transfer more than 133MB/s in theory, less in reality. So if you have an SSD it will kill your speed and make it slower than most mechanical HDDs.

    Oh, that's perfect. I'll pick up one of those sometime soon. Thank you!

    22 hours ago, LIGISTX said:

    O...  I copied the link on my phone, but it didn’t show a specific board.


    What setup do you have OP? I have a i5 760, asus sabertooth mobo and 4GB of DDR3 1333 for sale in the classifieds. I’ll sell you it for 45 bucks shipped if you want. Help a fellow gamer out :)

    It's tempting but I just spent all my money on this GPU. I am getting a job soon so can I take you up on that in a few weeks or so?

  2. 5 minutes ago, fasauceome said:

    My brother had a similar problem but had a more forgiving sata layout so hopefully it could work for you too.

    I'll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.


    8 minutes ago, Skiiwee29 said:

    20-30$ off amazon. Probably could get cheaper than that. 

    Alright, if all else fail I'll resort to this. 

  3. So I just got a GTX 770 for my computer. I really like it but it blocks the sata ports on my motherboard. I can work around it with a right angled sata cable but I only have one (although I can probably get another) and my motherboard has the sata ports arranged in a way that using another one will block off other sata ports and I'll be limited to around 2. (If you want to see what I mean, this is the motherboard I have https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=312)
    Any way I can work around this? I only need two drives but I would like the option to use more. 

  4. I built a PC with used parts off ebay, and I'm trying to install windows 10 on it. When I boot off the usb, it gets stuck at the windows logo. I have done a lot of research and have yet to find a solution to this. Anyone know how to fix it?


    My Specs:

    Core 2 Quad Q6600

    biostar gf7100p-m7s

    2x2GB 800mhz ddr2 memory

    EVGA GTX 770 SC

  5. 4 hours ago, LukeSavenije said:

    is it me or do i see a bent pin there?


    3 hours ago, Rex_G said:


    So that pin was not bent, there was debris in the socket (which I did get out). Removing it did not fix it though. One of the other pins might be bent a bit but, I couldn't find any. Thanks though for pointing that out, I might have missed it otherwise. 


    Anything else I can try?

  6. So I have a motherboard I got off a friend and it's not working. I'm not sure what model it is but it has an LGA 775 socket (I'll attach a photo of it). When I got it, the clear CMOS jumper was bridged and the CMOS battery was upside down. After fixing those, I got fans to spin but it won't post. I've tried both a Core 2 Quad Q6600 and a Pentium E5300 and both give me the same result. I can't find the speaker jumper so I can't hear post codes. I want this board to work because the other one I have for my Q6600 behaves weirdly with dual channel memory. What else can I try?


  7. 15 minutes ago, aezakmi said:

    A friend had that card and man, 93C while playing and around 70 idling, it had a fan but it was junk so the card was running almost on passive cooling all the time

    Yeah, apparently those cards could run pretty hot. Wonder if the reason for that crappy cooler is because it didn’t need it much. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Lord Nicoll said:

    If you don't already have a cooler that'll fit, don't get a better one, you'd be wasting money and I made mine from copper but I was doing it for points. Buy a GT 1030 if you need a good low power GPU, the 1030 will rekt the 8400 GS and then go back for seconds and desert. Hell a GT 730/GT710 would be better if you can find one for sub $30

    Alright, I’ll look for a new one if it doesn’t survive the stress test.  Thanks for your help. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, Lord Nicoll said:

    Oh I overclocked one of those once, rubbish card. It does have a serious thermal issue, being hotter than a $2 pistol and worse than a GT710. A better cooler or at least newer better TIM if you really wanna fix it. 

    Know of a place where I could buy a better cooler for it?

  10. 1 minute ago, NelizMastr said:

    It's not 100% normal. It's over 10 years old, though, so the thermal paste is probably ruined by now. Try a repaste and clean and make sure the case has some airflow.

    Okay, I will definitely do that when I get home. Might also be a good idea to run a stress test to see the temperatures under load. Thanks for your help and thank you too @Thermosman

  11. So I scraped my dad’s old pc for parts and built a computer. I set up arch Linux on it and decided to use Nvidia’s proprietary drivers with the 8400 GS that was in there as they’re supposed to perform better than the nouveau ones. However, when I checked the thermal settings in the nvidia settings, I noticed it was running between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius. I shut down, let it sit for a few hours and started it back up and opened the nvidia settings again. It was still running at the same temperatures. Anyone know what’s going on and how I can fix these temperatures?