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  1. So if I delete all saves except my very latest one, everything will still be just fine you say?
  2. quick question: Do I only need the most up to date save file for the witcher 3 to continue from where I left, and for that matter in any other game? I am asking, because the witcher3 save files take up over 300mb of my limited and very much needed onedrive cloud storage. thanks
  3. Still does not work, but it is fine. I figured it is better this way, because 1. leaving the GPU idle at ~45-50°C and maxing it out at ~65°C under load reduced the delta temp, which stresses the gpu components less, 2. it obviously increases the lifetime of the fans big time. I think the engineers at msi know their stuff - I hope
  4. I don't have a "Fan" Category in my Afterburner settings, should I be worried or am I stupid? edit: PS: It does not even have an option in the OSD to monitor the RPMs .. this not normal, right? #2 edit: I do not have control over power limit, core voltage and fan speed. I got no idea why.
  5. How can I turn off this mode? My GPU idles at almost 50°C which is literally not cool. PS: Doing it via Wattman does not work for me
  6. they should take down the biggest shame of them all, which is diablo3, then just remake d2 with some extra salt 'n pepper from PoE and we have another masterpiece for years to come.
  7. I like how everyone is beating a dead horse here instead of talking about main topic :'D ohh ltt... I think it makes sense, since the only card with an aftermarket cooler that gets close to the rx 470 aib coolers is the sapphire 4gb nitro+, which is overheating as far as I know.
  8. I am looking for a windows7 pro key and currently find prices of about 20eur. Somebody knows a trustworthy site with cheap/er win7 keys? thx much
  9. mhh for cs:go the gpu is fine with whatever you find the cheapest. As for the cpu, you might want to spend the extra 10-15 coins on a i3, trust me.
  10. if the ram is upgradeable this is a definite win, I don't believe it is going to be 700eur in germany though.
  11. For some reason I managed to switch in an altering manner every gpu upgrade since my first computer: x600 -> 8600gts -> gtx 280 -> 5870m CF -> gtx 660 sli -> r9 280x -> gtx 970 -> r7 360. It doesn'T really matter nowaday, just get whatevr has the best perf/price ratio in your region and you are set. Personally I find the radeon crimson to be more user friendly and overall better solution than gf experience.
  12. they only have this mentality because everyone I know from Poland never ever bought a single game or movie when it wasn't necassary (only for online shit like battle.net in diablo etc.) ...I think this is just a healthy attitude towards the gaming community which is why I support them a lot, witcher collectors and regular version cost me like 180EUR and i regret nothing. Although back then my cousin gave me the witcher 1 for "free"
  13. I can't really follow you, just google it up or sth.
  14. that would only apply if they somehow managed to build the pcb with zero impedance. generally speaking you will need 20amp or more depending on the power delivery design of the given manufacturer. edit: 20amp for the mid-range nvidia cards that is.