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  1. Aaaand I've sorted it myself. Installed ExplorerPatcher - nice lil tool. Didn't need or want the entire old Win10 taskbar (although I do miss the smaller size) so after activating the Start Menu tweaks I just deleted the dll in the Windows folder and it's left me with a usable start menu and the full Win11 experience. Lovely stuff w
  2. Windows 11 has been smooth for me so far, no bugs and not even any settings changed. I've only got 2 gripes: The taskbar is stupid, no way to turn small icons back on and they really should go to a MacOS style dock at this point but I've kinda given up solving that in a way that doesn't bork the clock style. And, most importantly, my beautiful new start menu!! So minimal! So clean! So desperately in need of a way to default to All Apps! Has anyone got a clean way to make that happen? Bonus points if you have a way to shrink my taskba
  3. They're perfectly good for their intended purposes/users, gaming is not the intended use. They're a mix of luxury and professional items, neither of which calls for value for money or really gaming performance.
  4. Unsure of what the question is... Are you looking to upgrade it to make games more playable? 'Cause you're pretty limited. More RAM is nice, I'm gonna go ahead and assume you don't have a load so adding more may help, plus DDR3 is fairly affordable now. Beyond that? I've no idea if you can fit a better CPU, although I highly doubt it. The 2014 is too old to have Thunderbolt 3, you're stuck with TB2 so an eGPU is also out of the question. I've not played Roblox but I understand it's very poorly optimised, I'd suggest another game (I can even run Minecraft on
  5. I think I found the issue actually, using a Yoga Book while I part out my PC and I think the keyboard was messing with the touch keyboard while closed. Totally freaked me out though
  6. Let's preface this with a disclaimer, this is not the usual kb/mouse issue of a stuck key, random clicks or whatever. It's total madness, random keys spamming like crazy, volume going up and down, caps lock flickering on and off, mouse twitching around. Both are on Bluetooth and of course the laptop will randomly turn on aeroplane mode so they stop working but the issue continues so I'm assuming a Windows problem. Trouble is I can't actually access any menu, program etc. As it's so bad. Any ideas at all on what to do?
  7. Hey guys, quick question for you: I'm moving overseas in a couple months and will need a new laptop/PC. I have a desktop now, it's great for what I need and just got a GTX 980 and better cooling etc. But it can't come with me so it's back to laptops for now. The last one I had was a pre-touchbar MacBook pro, which I loved. Best build, track pad, etc of anything at the time but I'd like to at least try to game. My ideal laptop would be a surface laptop, great design, battery life and anything other than a 3:2 screen is a big no for me these days on a laptop.
  8. Almost certainly limited ram. I've tried switching acceleration on and off - it's actually even worse with it on which is a sad, sad thing. A single YouTube video is too much, even scrolling is laggy and painful on Chrome. TBH I have a real PC, a tablet, a phone and whatever else so it's no biggie. Plus a new laptop is in order for the next few months.
  9. Sorry should have clarified, it's slow and laggy on my PC. I've tried Vivaldi and opera already, for whatever reason Edge is the only one that seems to run properly and not eat through the battery.
  10. Bit of an inflammatory title sorry... but! I have a Lenovo YogaBook, the specs are appallingly bad but it's what I have and for whatever reason, Chrome is a slow, laggy, buggy mess on it (as in 60%+ dropped frames watching 720p YouTube in fullscreen) while Edge is buttery smooth. This leads to two questions, is "old edge" going away and will I likely end up with a worse experience because of it?
  11. At the end of the day, it depends what $60 is to you. If it's pocket change, why not give it a shot? If it's a real hit to your coffers, not a good idea really.
  12. No but that's what it may have been used for, with a modded BIOS
  13. I'd find out what it was used for - as above. If it was a gaming card and just suddenly broke, I wouldn't touch it. It's likely it straight up died. If it was for mining, a reflash could save it but there's always risks with that. Overall, you might be able to save it but it's just not worth it.
  14. Weird, left it cycling for an hour or two with occasional resets and eventually hit the BIOS, flashed it with an update and we're up and running again...
  15. Hey guys, Moved my PC to a different room and all of a sudden it refuses to boot, debug panel runs through codes then stays on 4f for a few seconds and starts the cycle again. I've done the usual removing devices, clearing cmos, reseating everything and so on and still it persists. It's always been a bit funky with booting and I suspect I've got a dead BIOS chip. Does anyone know how to get a chip for an ASRock Extreme4-m x79 in NZ, I can only find foreign eBay listings...