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Everything posted by shadowbyte

  1. siege is hella fun



    1. Aytex


      call of duty montage

    2. shadowbyte



      i was super bored while working on the entertaining one, so here we are

    3. Aytex


      im bored of this place, i keep pressing this website out of habit lol

  2. bc from evil geniuses the buck plays on Coastline were insane
  3. I had one for a while, but ended up selling it although it's excellent for the first few weeks, after you play the games the Switch has to offer, it's pretty useless. the lack of media apps is super limiting, and as a whole, the console doesn't feel fully finished, at least imo
  4. origin redesign v1

    not sure about the middle bit


    1. Jacktastic-Mofo
    2. Jacktastic-Mofo
    3. mrchow19910319


      what kind of software do you use to make this? ?? 

  5. p1 

    all assets are handmade


  6. i've played too much siege lately


  7. I think you just described a credit card
  8. work in progress concept for a music player



    1. vanished


      Looking at this I have absolutely no idea how I would navigate through my library

    2. Jacktastic-Mofo


      Switch the fonts to simpler SanSerif fonts like Helvetica or Futura.

    3. tehx


      The font is too hard to read.

  9. whoa, how little are you playing? pretty much all my friends have Starter edition, and they're able to get a new op about every 5ish hours
  10. I've played 258 hours to this day, and imo, it's worth it All of the operators are unlockable with Renown; I saved for a solid week for Hibana and Echo, the Alpha Pack system is quite good, and the gameplay is excellent. There was never a point I felt pressured into opening my wallet; some of the best operators are in the base game. If you have a group of people you can play with on a regular basis, the game becomes so much more fun, but solo queuing is still incredibly entertaining depending on who you get matched with. It's fucking stupid of Ubisoft to add paid lootboxes, but, as p
  11. damn, this is difficult for multiplayer, Rainbow Six Siege by far; it's just such a unique game for singleplayer, it's a tossup between Life is Strange, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Remember Me
  12. around the 1,000 mark, I'd take a look at the 13 inch MacBook Pro or 12 inch MacBook both have the same butterfly switches with super low key travel but a surprisingly satisfying keystroke, and the force touch trackpad [imo, the best trackpad on the market atm]. The Pro has 1 more thunderbolt 3 port and features a more powerful CPU, but the 12 inch is fanless and a bit lighter. If you can, try to get a Pro from 2015, when they had full I/O instead of the two TB3 ports the base model has now. They can be found for around 750 used with a 256gb drive
  13. finally decided it was time for a new mousepad; mine was two years old and starting to disintegrate

    chose a Razer Sphex v2; imo, it looks interesting and was only 16 dollars off Amazon

    It's a massive difference from my old 5 dollar mouspad; the size and overall 'glidiness' allows me to drop DPI from 1600 to 500, which feels so much nicer in Rainbow Six Siege; after getting used to the change, it's so much more comfortable than before


    1. dizmo


      I wish stuff in Canada was that cheap. I'll need to buy a mousepad soon, hopefully I can find a deal that's that good!

      Looks like a nice pad. Does it stick to the desk pretty well? One's that don't are my biggest pet peeve.

    2. shadowbyte


      it's insane how well it sticks to the desk; it's essentially a part of it

    3. dizmo


      Haha, excellent. Maybe I'll see if they're cheap locally.

  14. I seem to recall a device called the XIM 4
  15. then you know the Deluxe edition offers nothing of merit in the base game
  16. you do realize the extra stuff the Deluxe addition adds has zero impact on the game, correct? those who purchase it will only purchase it because they've played the first game and want to see more Max and Chloe in the bonus episode; it's essentially a given sale for those who enjoyed the original LiS. it's the only game I've ever pre-ordered with the deluxe stuff because I'd loved the original and wanted to see more of the original characters, along with the new story
  17. lolwat what is the point of purchasing a DLC if you don't have the base game?
  18. then 16:9 is perfect. I'm running a Dell S2716DG atm (open box was a super good deal), and it's fantastic. Despite the TN panel, colors are still passable, and the industrial design both looks and functions well.