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Status Updates posted by shadowbyte

  1. siege is hella fun



    1. Aytex


      call of duty montage

    2. shadowbyte



      i was super bored while working on the entertaining one, so here we are

    3. Aytex


      im bored of this place, i keep pressing this website out of habit lol

  2. origin redesign v1

    not sure about the middle bit


    1. Jacktastic-Mofo
    2. Jacktastic-Mofo
    3. mrchow19910319


      what kind of software do you use to make this? ?? 

  3. v2 of the Spotify rework



    or 2


  4. p1 

    all assets are handmade


  5. i've played too much siege lately


  6. work in progress concept for a music player



    1. vanished


      Looking at this I have absolutely no idea how I would navigate through my library

    2. Jacktastic-Mofo


      Switch the fonts to simpler SanSerif fonts like Helvetica or Futura.

    3. tehx


      The font is too hard to read.

  7. finally decided it was time for a new mousepad; mine was two years old and starting to disintegrate

    chose a Razer Sphex v2; imo, it looks interesting and was only 16 dollars off Amazon

    It's a massive difference from my old 5 dollar mouspad; the size and overall 'glidiness' allows me to drop DPI from 1600 to 500, which feels so much nicer in Rainbow Six Siege; after getting used to the change, it's so much more comfortable than before


    1. dizmo


      I wish stuff in Canada was that cheap. I'll need to buy a mousepad soon, hopefully I can find a deal that's that good!

      Looks like a nice pad. Does it stick to the desk pretty well? One's that don't are my biggest pet peeve.

    2. shadowbyte


      it's insane how well it sticks to the desk; it's essentially a part of it

    3. dizmo


      Haha, excellent. Maybe I'll see if they're cheap locally.

  8. picked up an H440 for christmas, and it looks sooooooooo much better than my old Evolv ATX





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    2. dizmo


      Looks really nice!

      How do you like the R1 cooler? It's the one my roommate was thinking about putting in his new system.

    3. shadowbyte



      oh wow, sorry for this super late reply

      it's nice, if not massive. tbh, I'm surprised the side panel got on, as there's about a millimeter of clearance. Under full load, it's not super quiet, but does a good job keeping my 5820k under 75 degrees at 4.5ghz 1.31 volts

    4. dizmo


      Haha no worries! Nice, good to hear. My roommate doesn't care about noise, he just wants it to stay cool. Currently he has a 20" fan pointed at the side of his open case...without his PC overheats and crashes :P

    1. Dissitesuxba11s


      Dang, it's finally above a penny now. I guess with more people looking into crypto, even dogecoin is moving up.

  9. mfw I realize Rainbow Six has been running the background for two hours

    1. Techstorm970


      "Oh, so THAT's why my computer is running so hot right now..."

    2. shadowbyte



      I've done this so many times, just tabbed out and forgot; the R6 menu isn't demanding enough to slow my PC down, so it sort of just sits there.

  10. saw The Last Jedi tonight

    what a travesty

  11. today is a good day


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    2. shadowbyte
    3. mrchow19910319


      what does it mean? you gonna throw your laptop out the window or something? 




    4. mrchow19910319




      I didn't plan it well enough. Now dont have space of adventure time stickers.... sigh..



  12. my thoughts on the Switch thusfar:

    it's a super unique idea, executed well

    it's a tiny thing, but in Rocket League splitscreen, the left and right players' audio is piped through the left and right earbuds, respectively.

    it's inaudible when playing Rocket League on the go

    the joycon is a fantastic idea for a controller, and works well enough to make splitscreen viable

    usb-c is awesome; I can charge my laptop and my Switch from the same cables

    the 720p display is perfect imo for the Switch; games are low-res anyway, and it improves battery life tremendously

    even with just a Tegra, it feels super fast traversing through the OS

    Youtube or Netflix definitely needs to be added

    can't wait to get Odyssey



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    2. shadowbyte



      I use a 1440p panel as my main monitor, and I'm fine with a low res on such a small screen. My iPhone SE looks fantastic, imo, at 768p because the display is so small.

    3. handymanshandle



      I've never understood the genuine practicality of throwing 1440p panels in 5.5"+ phones. Honestly, 1080p works just fine in that scenario; 1440p's just a waste at that kind of pixel density.

      It's why 1136x640 (or 720p) works fine at 4" or around that range. The pixel density is definitely high enough to where anything higher is a bit of a waste.

    4. shadowbyte



      pixel density is the key word. 4k makes sense on a massive screen, but at such a small size, there's such a small difference in image quality beyond a certain threshold.

  13. when it's 1am and this happens

    i'm going to bed

  14. my thoughts on white noise thusfar

    1. Tower has some pretty insane sightlines and loads of places to hide. imo, it's a bit skewed in the favor of defenders atm, as a roamer can destroy your entire team. 

    2. Dokkabei's logic bomb is hella useful if used tactically (not at the very start of the round), like when breaching or in the last minute or so of the round.

    3. Vigil is pretty much useless imo; we normally scanned him first in prep phase lmfao.

    4. Zofia is pretty much just Ash with a hitbox; she doesn't fit my playstyle, so I don't use her.

    5. Dokkabei's primary single shot rifle is amazing with an ACOG; short and long range.

    6. Dokkabei's ability to hack cameras is super helpful, as your dead team mates can still help you from the afterlife. However, you should have to hack Valkyrie's phone to access the Black Eye cameras.

    7. People still walk into Frost traps

    1. MoonlightSylv


      I've been downloading this for like 5 hours my internet sucks.

    2. shadowbyte



      rip in panini

      it's superfun

    3. DarkBlade2117


      So used to snipers in PUBGs, Mk 14 in PUBG you spam that you will be shooting in the air after 3 shots lmao and as for Vigil, his middle click last for a LONG time so I usually pop it up a few seconds after the phase started.

  15. white noise is out for r6!

    dokkabei and vigil's secondaries have insane recoil, but their primaries are fantastic

    zofia is ash with a hitbox

    nerf blackbeard

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    2. DarkBlade2117


      Mira is my favorite.

    3. shadowbyte


      frost for me

      mira's rate of fire is 3high5me

    4. DarkBlade2117


      I don't have a many hours in shooters in general but 260 hours in PUBG kind of helped with recoil control and the high fire rate. Like the recoil of the secondaries to me, they're high but easily manageable

  16. oh yes


    1. handymanshandle


      never thought I'd see the day where vp9 video and mp4 audio intentionally coexisted with each other on youtube


    2. shadowbyte
  17. iq is still best girl, but frost is a close second

    her smg is fantastic, especially with the canada skin

    1. DarkBlade2117


      I've had a lot fun with Sledge.

    2. Megah3rtz


      frost easily best season 1 character




      the nerfs came 

  18. just played 6 hours of siege 

    i feel so tactical 

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    2. handymanshandle


      I spent like 4 hours of my life a few days ago completing some contracts in tf2

      are you proud of me send-pie

    3. shadowbyte


      if by tf2, you mean titanfall 2, yes

    4. handymanshandle


      team fortress 2

      the game where you buy stuff and fail to do anything else because teams only exist as a symbolic thing