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  1. A couple months ago I got a Galaxy S7, but then sadly I broke it. I had a warranty on it and got a new one but the battery life is much worse than my previous one. Is this an easy fix? Or should I call my provider
  2. It has been going for about 50 minutes now, and It is taking an unusual amount of time from when I switched from windows to linux. Is that normal?
  3. Im in the bios now, do I change the boot order so the disk is first?
  4. yes yes, I understand that, but how do i boot from the cd, thats my question, sorry if it was unclear.
  5. how to I get to the re-install window with the disk on linux? all I can do is open it up and look at the files
  6. I am currently running Linux Mint 17.3 on an ASUS Q550lf. I'm in the process of selling this laptop and I need to factory reset the drive. Anybody know how to do this on Linux?
  7. drivers didn't work, starting to think it might be a hardware problem
  8. Sorry this is a bit late, but I couldnt find any GPU drivers on that website.
  9. no, If you could link me to one I would be very grateful. I will look myself too
  10. I bought it used from a friend, never gave me a disk
  11. I have done that many times, didnt work, I think it may be a problem with the physical GPU