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  1. I have no basis by which I can say that 10.8V for like a few hundredths of a second is dangerous.
  2. I wouldnt worry about it at all this post of mine is reeeeally old and I overreacted and drew unsupported conclusions back then.
  3. If I'm correct the Hong Hua fans they use are not known for much consistency, so there can probably be a batch of semi-ok fans, a batch of meh fans, a batch of good fans. But I'd be hard-pressed to say they have a large issue with the M12ii units, most people who own them I reckon have no problems at all until after maybe 4-5 years of usage. Also, noisiness of a fan is not necessarily a product defect (though I'm not sure about rattling), it could simply be a noisy fan, and I believe the M12ii does have a loud fan, so that's something that would be good to research prior to purchasing the PSU.
  4. And those two could possibly have a connection I'd think (I haven't been following this stuff too well so forgive me if I'm oblivious to former conclusions).
  5. But the thing that makes the English language so great is that there are so many opportunities for (corny) jokes with multiple meaning things! I came up with one the other day I kind of like, why did the tree not want to go to the party it was invited to? It said "I wood but i have to leaf for Florida in the morning."
  6. Sometimes they may be talking about electrical instead of audible noise, hard to tell sometimes without making the distinction.
  7. It doesn't matter if it's quieter than the rest of the system still. If the GPUs and CPU cooler and case fans are louder than the PSU fan it's rather irrelevant.
  8. Probably because people throw out boxes, proofs of purchase, don't register their product on time, etc. I know I don't really like being flooded by boxes, I like to send them right to the trash.
  9. Probably not, it's probably the same on both.
  10. Make what you want of the information that is out there, but if I owned it I would not hesitate to use it. I don't know what particular flaw the 750 G3 had but the 850W one had OTP set too high.
  11. Well we're the ones talking about EVGA right now, so I guess it worked
  12. It'd be a good idea to first identify where the sound is coming from. Hold a paper towel roll up to your ear.
  13. They have a GD, too?? They need a GW, for "Gee Whiz".
  14. Then prove that what you said is true and what I said is false.
  15. A statement like this is just as bad as "EVGA PSUs are great".
  16. At this point I'd always wait for a review that tests more things before tiering, JG reviews don't have protection testing, transient response, among other things.
  17. Jeremy announced he'll be retiring from reviewing in some coming months. So we probably won't ever see that testing on Jonnyguru.
  18. Well it's largely impossible for us consumers to know real failure rates, and an argument cannot be made that without knowing failure rates you are incapable of making reasonable judgments on what power supplies are more or less reliable, for that would nullify the whole point of reviews. But the list is constructed on test data in the reviews; what test data is more or less important, though, seems to be the largest point of debate. I'd also assume "failure rate" is the same thing as RMA rate, but the actual failure rate goes unknown, we only know about reported failin
  19. Because the German PSU may not be the best value.
  20. RMA rates, contrary to rates in physics which are <something> / unit of time, are usually percentages, so the amount sold isn't relevant.
  21. Steel's probably costly, but it's better than hardened horse manure.
  22. PSUs that don't have any known information and/or a review are not placed into tiers.
  23. We're not going to know anything about it, probably last tier.