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    Phillyphries reacted to Johners in Back when discovery channel was good...   
    My problem with the History Channel is that it would just have shows about the Nazis on the majority of the time.
    Discovery Channel used to be great with all the cool shows like How Do They Do It, Hows Its Made and things like that. The only good thing they still show is MythBusters
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    Phillyphries reacted to rustikles in Things are cheap in America? Check again   
    It costs money to be the universal police force. We just can't get a higher minimum wage.
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    Phillyphries reacted to dylandylandylan in Recommend me a TV series to watch!   
    This is also something that I've missed, I will definitely queue this up, thank you!
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    Phillyphries reacted to Art Vandelay in Canadian marine law   
    Are you a drug runner?
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    Phillyphries reacted to Windspeed36 in What's The Best Way To Split WiiU Audio to 5 Local People?   
    They won't work - the resistance and power output of the jack will rapidly drop. 
    I know Behringer make a decent headphone amp for about $25 which has 4 outputs so you could use one of those + a splitter to get 5 headphones. 
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    Phillyphries reacted to AraSarkisyan in Toronto Police Shooting(sammy Yatmin)   
    toronto is in Canada, sherlock. And in the USA cops have two fire two shots, wait, and see if the suspect is down. Not Muricuh at all. In fact 90% op cops here are really nice and respectful. 
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    Phillyphries reacted to ObeseWalrus in Toronto Police Shooting(sammy Yatmin)   
    What the hell happened to you Canada? I thought you were peaceful...
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    Phillyphries reacted to Samdb in Are you jelly   
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    Phillyphries reacted to ixi_your_face in Mods are gone! Post kitchen appliances!   
    Then we all 

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    Phillyphries reacted to jbr in uTorrent Y U SO SLOW?   
    BitTorrent is a PROTOCOL
    Many game and software companies use it to distribute and patch their products.
    You've likely used it several times without actually knowing it because the game, App or client used to Download/Patch them
    are using it.
    Amazon uses it.
    Blizzard uses it.
    EA uses it
    Valve Uses it.
    Apple uses it.
    IBM uses it
    Intel uses it.
    Twitter uses it.
    Facebook uses it.
    There are literally thousands of companies and small businesses that use it.
    Here's some more.    D-Link,  Netgear, Buffalo, Marvell, Virgin Media, Opera,
    The above names mean it's being used for HARDWARE updates also.
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    Phillyphries reacted to looney in uTorrent Y U SO SLOW?   
    since when is P2P illegal?
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    Phillyphries reacted to criso8 in Is the PS Vita worth it?   
    Its a good device. Too bad it didn't catch steam. I was pretty close to buying one myself. The amount of usage I got one out of the first gen one was ridiculous.  
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    Phillyphries reacted to T.Vengeance in What is your favorite sad song?   
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    Phillyphries reacted to Loe in Upcoming US financial crisis? Dump stocks now!   
    I'm no expert in economics, but wouldn't dumping stocks cause more problems?
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    Phillyphries reacted to M-ursu in Stuff Linus would hate   
    These pictures i made.
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    Phillyphries reacted to Hazy125 in Stuff Linus would hate   
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    Phillyphries got a reaction from Shindo in Is the PS Vita worth it?   
    Already exists. Check out http://wololo.net/vhbl/
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    Phillyphries reacted to defunkt in What kind of genre of music do you like?   
    You should make the poll a multi choice kind of thing. I like a bit of everything really.
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    Phillyphries reacted to Volbet in Your Rule of Thumb For...   
    So there is a lot of singles in my area that wants to meet me in my cheap british kitchen?
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    Phillyphries got a reaction from fracking4oil in Is Windows 8 good now   
    I love Windows 8 Professional. I had literally NO problems running whatever crap or game I had running on Windows 7 on 8. Hell Windows 8 boots faster, runs games smoother, and is overall a good experience. Don't fall into the bandwagon, Windows 8 is a great OS that still has yet to grow
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    Phillyphries reacted to SteepGnomeKing in Is Windows 8 good now   
    People that get worked up about the start menu being gone in windows 8 don't realize how pointless it really was.
    Everything you would want it to do you can do much faster with more options in windows 8.
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    Phillyphries reacted to Bengali in Is Windows 8 good now   
    Yup Windows 8 really is amazing. Don't hesitate installing it.