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  1. Definitely grab the 1080ti now. You don't really want to play the waiting game, because you might be burned/disappointed in the end while having to wait all that time for a new card. @ 1440p 144hz a 1080ti is perfect.
  2. Funny how when a topic created about an app made by one of the biggest companies/banks in America for a platform that is really struggling turns into "I hate them, they *insert conspiracy here*" I think the point of this thread was that one of the largest banking companies is actually making an app for Windows Phone, which can easily help the adoption of Windows Phone platform. This is actually great news, since the only issue I had with Windows Phone is that it got dropped from BoA app support, and that is the bank I use. Let's see if I can get my Lumia Icon updated to
  3. I guess this has more to do with principle than anything, but yeah I definitely do agree that privacy is definitely an issue, but technically agreeing to the terms and conditions... you know. So much things collect personal info these days... Your smart phone, the apps you use, hell even google does the same. In my opinion, if your PC does it, it shouldn't make much of a difference. If a big agency really wanted to know things about you, they probably wouldn't need you to use Windows 10 to figure you out. Just saying.
  4. This new forum is lit!

    Thanks, Luke!


  5. Speaking on my own behalf, I haven't actually run into stability issues with Windows 10. All of my components are overclocked, and I was worried that it might affect system stability in that sense, but thankfully it doesn't. In actuality, program compatibility is more or less the same as Windows 8.1 with some weird programs here and there not working right. I think you should be fine with privacy as long as you make sure to read over the advanced features during initial setup and actually choosing which feature to turn on. AFAIK there actually isn't anything else really sending stuff to M
  6. Haven't actually seen much performance issues with Windows 10 after a couple large updates. Anything you're running into in particular or worried about?
  7. You haven't reviewed the LG V10 yet, that phone is awesome. I think I'm going to buy it in a few weeks
  8. lol did I just read that "just pay everything in cash, simple" That is so naiive I don't even.... Yes let's buy a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars IN CASH for my family... or live in a shack... lmao
  9. Playstation Plus as a requirement for online service is still *kinda* in its infancy still and XBOX Live (I don't really care if you're a diehard PC gamer) has a reputation for being quite nicely maintained and it just works and has been for a long time. Also I don't know the sales of XBOX One exclusives compared to PS4, but I assume a lot of it has to do with that for sure. The other stuff really is the same. Maybe slightly better on PS4 due to slightly higher resolution.
  10. Yeah, can't remember which R9 390/x we have at the Best Buy I work in, but on top of being priced really well, I can get a solid discount on them. So at this time, getting a 290/x probably isn't worth it. 4GB is plenty for 1080p gaming. My R9 290 is an absolute beast at 2560x1080 ultrawide resolution too. Can't imagine how overkill 8GB would be for me lol.
  11. It's kinda cheap. If you have a kraken G10 with a spare AIO then it could be worth it. Or if you plan to use it in a watercooling loop or something like that.
  12. I have one of the XFX 290's and they are such great cards Haven't had any problems with them or their products in general. I always go for XFX when I look at AMD cards. Also, it looks really nice
  13. Oh, ewww. Netflix comes out with amazing content because of the amount of money they rake in from subscribers consolidated as one, maybe plus several executive producers... Unless YouTube will be paying these dudes a significant amount of money to form a Web-show series... its not gonna be great
  14. Bet Linus ended up having to sign it before shipping it eh
  15. This is a very expensive solution to something that would *probably* be cheaper if you split it into 2 machines instead of one. But for coolness, I see why the video was made. Because it was cool. lol
  16. Go outside and play with your friends. You'll develop REAL social skills, and you will always have more fun.
  17. All edge needs is extension support. That's literally it. Better pop up blocking too.
  18. It was really just an example. They can come up with something clever I bet.
  19. This thought just came to me... Has Linus ever thought about selling work out shirts with LMG or LTT branding on it? That would be super cool. Queue the "Do you even lift bro" quote on the shirt on the back with the LTT logo on the chest. Something like that. But anyways, I would totally buy one. Edit: Linus branded gym shorts would be fantastic