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  1. I am helping a friend assemble his new computer (his first time building). Components: Amd ryzen 5 3600 Asus prime x570-p 16gb (8x2) gskill ripjaws ddr4 3200 Corsair tx650m Msi rtx 2080 super Samsung 970 evo m.2 ssd (1tb) On the test bench (esd mat), we had the following problem. We turned on the power supply, motherboard rgb lights up. Bridged the pins for the power button (if looking top down on the pin set, upper left being number 1 and increasing left to right, we bridged pins 3 and 4). fans spin up for cpu cooler, power supply, and
  2. Is that too much to ask nowadays? As far as other features go, I'd like IP68 at least, and good speaker sound without having to cup the hand or anything stupid like that. For reference, I currently have an HTC 1 M8, and the battery is dying, the headphone jack stopped working, and the micro usb port no longer transfers data. Yeah, I think it's time ? ETA: i think i got the IP backwards, its dust, then water isnt it? Either way, water 6 is what I meant ?
  3. The drive spins, I can feel it vibrating slightly. However, it doesn't show up in the BIOS, or as a storage device to windows. I've tried multiple cables, multiple SATA ports. No Joy.
  4. about the ram, as I understand it there is an expansion slot for more if I were to decide that it isn't enough. 5x5, interesting insights about the internal components. Was this something that happened to you, or to someone you know?
  5. Another question: it says I can upgrade from 10S to 10 Pro for free. What's the catch?
  6. See, I hadn't done a ton of looking around, but I thought it wasn't terrible.
  7. Yeah, I'm really trying to keep it under $350. I know that's cheap, but this is not going to be a daily driver, per say. I'm still going to use my desktop for most everything, but I want something portable for taking notes at school or work or whatever, or watching netflix when away from home. Basically, I want something no less powerful than the average smart phone, but with the amenities of a laptop (keyboard, ports, etc)
  8. Clearly someone who let technology pass them by. I suppose I was using Word and Excel as eponyms. To rephrase, I need "a word processor of some type, not cloud based" and "a spreadsheet processor of some type, not cloud based."
  9. And very large pdfs and some excel sheets, but mostly just streaming videos and doing word processing. Maybe minecraft on occasion to pass the time, but if I want AAA games I have a desktop. This is what I've been looking at. Acer Aspire 5, Ryzen 3, Vega 3, 4 GB DDR4, 128 GB NVMe SSD, newegg Same one, but on amazon What I'd like to know from you wonderful folks is if there is anything fundamentally wrong with this option, if it's a lemon that I'll instantly regret. Because at USD$320 from amazon, I find it very affordable and compelling. Also,
  10. I'm looking for an audio solution. Inputs are computer (3.5mm), PS2, PS3, N64 (RCA L/R). Outputs are headphones and speakers (3.5mm). Would like room for expansion of more consoles, maybe one or two more. Would like to be able to balance the volume across all inputs. Would like to be able to switch outputs without messing with cords. Any ideas?