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  1. i forgot to mention im on amd, i can make my desktop and any other game stretched with the res i want to use just not rust.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to post... Anyway im trying to stretch the resolution of my game, ive follow all the tutorials and my game jsut doesnt stretch, my game opens my native res which is 1440x900 no matter what res im on, im not sure if this is to do with my screen or what. Can anyone help.
  3. hey All! I tried overclocking this morning while following a tutorial and i keep getting a failure its say ''boot failure due to previous change in bios settings'' i tried to go to 3.8, 4.0 ,4.5 ,4.7 none of them work, my specs are, Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3, Intel pentium g3258 and 8gbs Kingston hyper x ram. Ive also tried updating the bios but that didn't help one bit.
  4. i watch linus tech tips video he had the exact cpu as me and he got it to 4ghz stable
  5. i have a amd phenom ii x6 1055t and everytime i try and overclock i get an overclock fail press f1 to reset same with my memory, am i doing something wrong, my board is a msi krait 970a 3.1 can anyone guide me though overclocker please
  6. i found this cpu for a really cheap price and i was wondering as its an 8 core and 16 thread cpu would it work if i used it for gaming such as csgo and things like that?
  7. Im after something that can handle streaming, gaming and video editing and that will allow me to run gta on high settings with at-least 50/60 fps? what card fits this and is reliable or has good warranty??
  8. i know there will be a card out there somewhere for me, is it possible to allocate video ram as thats the only problem i have as my current card runs everything just i need more video memory for gta
  9. i got it without a cooler so thats a no is there eyes, i tried putting it in my second gpu slot and old one in the top and my pc recognises it and allows me to overclock and such so does this means its dead or just a part of it, is there a chance its the bios on the gpu?
  10. people have had this problem before and fixed it tho
  11. hi just got this from a guy on ebay and it artifacts when booting up i just get white lines on my screen is there any fix, would it be worth reflowing?