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    NinjaJc01 got a reaction from SpaceGhostC2C in Should I disable Hyperthreading for gaming?   
    I had a friend who does EXTREMELY intensive computer simulations on dual Xeon machine, but he said he had disabled hyperthreading to get the maximum performance (And since it's a Xeon, no Ocing.)
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    NinjaJc01 got a reaction from 8uhbbhu8 in SOLVED Is my GPU dieing, or is ARMA just being odd?   
    It's giving me crash reports. I'll try without mods for now.
    Well, here's the crash report
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    NinjaJc01 got a reaction from 8uhbbhu8 in SOLVED Is my GPU dieing, or is ARMA just being odd?   
    Welp, no mods seems to work perfectly...
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to 8uhbbhu8 in SOLVED Is my GPU dieing, or is ARMA just being odd?   
    ah mods. Yep that'll not help
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to 8uhbbhu8 in SOLVED Is my GPU dieing, or is ARMA just being odd?   
    Im tempted to say that its Arma being the issue due to how badly made it is
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    NinjaJc01 got a reaction from mattonfire in What should I do with a broken RAM stick?   
    Have you seen my keychain?

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    NinjaJc01 got a reaction from IsraChido in Hyper 212X or H45?   
    Benchmarks say something else.
    Also: " Note: The Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO failed the overclock 2 test - We stopped the test before the CPU set fire to itself!"
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to PCGuy_5960 in Intel Pentium Stock Cooler   
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to mikat in Intel's Skylake-E To Use LGA 3647 Socket and 6-Channel DDR4 Memory   
    nice  but rip ITX X series boards
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to Herman9k in Project Forged: Handforged computercase   
    Five days left until judgement day! Assembly is done, now I only have to direct it -.- Gigabyte amazingly agreed to send me a motherboard! Thats a huge wind in the sails, but more on components on a later day! I am super-tired, so here are a million pictures of what ive done since my last update!

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    NinjaJc01 reacted to sl06bhytmar in Project Forged: Handforged computercase   
    Home made flush riveting, now I have seen that also.
    Take my plus
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to HoneyBooBoo in Project Forged: Handforged computercase   
    We need an update!
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to danejesse1 in C Programing, While loop not working.   
    In your switch you don't have a break statement. Also, scanf("%d", rerun) needs a &rerun since rerun is an int, not a pointer to an int.
    Edit: it looks like you're missing a break statement in your first switch, too.
    switch(rerun) { case 1: k=0; break; // Missing this break statement case 2: k=1; system("pause"); }
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to 1Reshiram12 in does b150m supports ram overclocking?   
    The RAM will downclock to the mobo's highest supported clock.
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to StaffCorporal in does b150m supports ram overclocking?   
    If you had bothered to read the specs that MSI has listed on their webpage you would already know that: "DDR4 2133 MHz and higher memory modules will only run at maximum of DDR4 2133 MHz on XMP mode due to Intel® chipset limitation"
    It is okay to ask, but seriously RTFM.
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to Lurick in what is PWM?   
    Pulse Width Modulation.
    It allows for control of the speed of fans and pumps.
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to rphawks in Rate my new build /10   
    Psst. Wrong section.
    Parts: 9/10.
    1.Nothing stupid (Yay!). 
    2. 4 slots of RAM is fine with me. I get it. It looks better. 16GB should be plenty.
    3. Really no need for more storage. What do people even do with a billion hard drives in a personal PC? Hm...
    4. Any shot of the open back of the case? Just so we can see the cable management. Looks decent in the front.
    Aesthetics: 7/10. This is super critical, because I think you can do better. Not to be rude . 
    1. Cable extensions seem off-white. Don't know if you can do anything about that... but yknow.
    2. SET THE NZXT LOGO TO WHITE. Please. The blue doesn't fit. Unless that's white... Could just be the camera.
    3. Can the radiator go the other way? Cable probably looks better that way.
    4. It is true that you could go custom loop, but there's no need to. I air cool, looks pretty good IMO. 
    5. If you want to take it to the next level, buy a can of spray paint and paint the metal sides of the rad and the top  cooling block. Seems there's a little more black than white. Mostly bc of the PCB of the mobo.
    Overall: 8.5/10. Feel like you can do better on aesthetics, but you don't have to. Great build overall. 
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to Julian2000nl in Microsoft throws more ads into Windows 10   
    Here's your solution to all your problems
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to Paragon_X in New macbook Pro USB C kills WiFi   
    So Louis Rossman got his hands on a new Macbook, 

    When he tries to use Wifi while using a high bandwidth USB C port the WiFi completely dies or if it is just a normal one it goes slow as hell. My guess for this is that the PCIe lanes are getting full and the WiFi which probably is a soldered M.2 chip doesn't have enough lanes to work properly you can see the video below.

    This is ridiculous to be honest they elevated the priced in Europe by 200  euro that means the base Macbook pro costs 1889 Euro (without counting the countless dongles that someone will require) which is the same as the razer blade 14. Even with all the considered goods of the ecosystem i cannot see how this joke of a machine can stand up to the competition at this pricepoint. Only those who have invested in apple ecosystem and proprietary software might benefit.
    - Powering an external HDD
    - Wifi dying or getting slow while using USB C
    - Display output from USB C to HDMI Flickering
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to pk-man in New macbook Pro USB C kills WiFi   
    a $99 dongle would fix that /s
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to SCHISCHKA in New macbook Pro USB C kills WiFi   
    i got to question Tim Cook. No update to the rest of the apple line. no 4k apple tv. no retina on the MacBook air. 
    now this. I dont think they've even updated the super expensive trash can model
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to Tech_Dreamer in New macbook Pro USB C kills WiFi   
    *sigh*  it's a new feature
  23. Funny
    NinjaJc01 reacted to captain_to_fire in New macbook Pro USB C kills WiFi   
    Are they issuing a recall too? Too soon. It's probably an isolated case. He can just return it to an Apple Store and have it replaced.
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to iRileyx in Should i exchange my gpu :/   
    Good point, Jay did a video on them but it was only about the 1070/1080. Some sites are mentioning problems with the 1060, others aren't so
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    NinjaJc01 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in OS won't boot when adding more disks (hp dl385)   
    The raid card has a device that you pick as the bootable device normally, select the raid 0