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  1. I'm giving up for now. I'll probably ask over on the ARMA subreddit.
  2. 64bit Win 10. Basically no one runs 32bit windows now.
  3. It's giving me crash reports. I'll try without mods for now. Well, here's the crash report
  4. So far, whenever I play ARMA 3, after about 5-15mins, the video cuts out (Audio still plays, system otherwise carries on, but with no video on either monitor. Haven't had it happen with any other game. GPU is a GTX 970 which I've had for like a year, card is like 2 years old by now. No overclocks applied, and card isn't overheating as far as I can see. Issue started after I came back from a 2 week holiday, where the PC was left switched off at the mains. PSU is definitely OK, as it's the Supernova 650 G2 from EVGA.
  5. Or a C series chipset. Since Xeons, you ought to use ECC. Honestly, the L5638 or the L5639 seem better.
  6. All this is is us going and reading the manuals, mostly.
  7. It'll need to be a recent enough version. Anniversary definitely supports it.
  8. Yes, I am sure. I have been through this before upgrading a friends PC. I'm not Nvidia, so I can't explain.
  9. It's working probably. You need windows 10, and a new enough version, in order to use pascal cards.
  10. I know the feeling. I'm 15 and building a full home server network, in addition to trying to stay current with my 2 PCs. I am broke most of the time. Hopefully, Christmas will change this for me.
  11. Looks: 8/10, would be much nicer hardline custom watercooled, but that's expensive, it's maybe a little OTT on the gloss white IMHO? Component choice: 8/10, I would have gone for more storage, and matt white cables (Sort of looks as well) Overall: 8/10. It's a very nice build, and looks way better than either of mine.
  12. @jumpinghermit Entirely possible the mobo is dead. Did you buy it used?
  13. My thoughts exactly. Does the PSU turn on? (Paper clip test?) What PSU?
  14. To reddit. You need someone who really knows these servers.
  15. Yeah, write the ubuntu ISO to a USB stick, and load Ubuntu from that, but don't use the install option, just the try.
  16. Do you have a USB flash drive? If so, boot Ubuntu or something from it, with the RAID 5 created and see if you can see it.
  17. Basically, the server tried to go to a sleep state, but failed.
  18. That's a specific key on boot I seem to remember. I got my DL160 G6 a little whle ago, but I think it's the same. I think it's a command line thing.
  19. When you create the array, can you check the boot order?