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    Enjoying fun video games! :D


  • CPU
    i5-3450 @ 3.10Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus P8H77-M-LE
  • RAM
    8GB Ram
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 980 Ti 6G
  • Case
    Silverstone RL1
  • Storage
    Samsung Evo 850 250GB | WD Blue 1 TB
  • PSU
    Cooler Master V850
  • Display(s)
    RL2455HM | E2011H
  • Keyboard
    Steelseries Merch
  • Mouse
    Steelseries Kana
  • Sound
    Steelseries Siberia
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. ayyy jackpot! thanks, man! gonna pick it up tomorrow. Take care and stay safe!
  2. Just for confirmation as to not be deceived by own eyes, the Super Flower Leadex III Gold 650W is at Tier A, right?
  3. I will try looking for a different PSU then. Thanks!
  4. So pairing it with a 2060 for gaming at 1080p is a bad idea?
  5. I know it is on the Tier D based on the tier list but how bad is it?
  6. Shipping will be hella expensive if i were to ship it.
  7. Brunei. The 980 Ti is awesome. It has been working for me since 2016(or 2015) but sadly, i need an upgrade since i will be upgrading to 1440p.
  8. Sadly, nowhere to be found in my country. They're not doing pre-order as well on it.
  9. Terra

    120 or 140?

    It is around 70 if i run FFXIV or R6 Siege and if i run FFXIV and FIFA19 (waiting for queue) it goes around 75.
  10. Terra

    120 or 140?

    Thanks for advice, man. Currently looking for the fans.
  11. Terra

    120 or 140?

    Hello to all, I have two 120mm fans on top of my CM MasterBox Q300L and one 120mm behind it, all three are use as exhaust. My question is, should i get two 140mm fans for air intake at the front panel or just get 120mm fans? I am using the stock cooler for the Ryzen 3600.
  12. So after i do a clean install, i just simply download all the driver back, right? Not sure if i should download CCC as i when i tried the All in One package for the motherboard driver, no new program are to be found.
  13. So for the motherboard, should i install everything in the driver list?