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  1. Hi, I currently have 8gb of RAM (2x4 kit) in my computer and in the future I was planning to upgrade to 16gb of RAM. Could I just buy another 8gb kit and stick it in or do i have to get a 16gb kit? Thanks for the help.
  2. Wait, I should or shouldn't reformat it?
  3. Hi guys, I have a 15 gb USB that boots into memtest86. After using memtest, I would like to get rid of the files and clean the hard drive. Is it as simple as just deleting the files? Or do I need to do something else? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question.
  4. gLore

    Best FPS Mouse

    How long do you think the mouse will last me?
  5. gLore

    Best FPS Mouse

    I don't particularly like how the buttons are placed right next to the left mouse button, and its a smidge out of my price range. Thank you for responding though.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for a good gaming mouse, specifically for FPS for around 50-60 dollars. I would very much prefer one with two programmable buttons on the side so that it is easier to voice chat in game. So far I have had my eyes on the Razer Deathadder Chroma but I want to hear what you guys have to say.
  7. Hi guys, I bought Metal Gear Solid 5 during December and I fucking love the game. I spent 30 amazing hours in the game before the game started to show signs of problems. Firstly, there were weird visual artifacts that sometimes appeared in shadows or where it was night. Usually if I restarted the game this problem went away, and it seemed to happen whenever I alt-tab. I kept playing the game, and a driver update from Nvida seemed to solve the problem. Then, one day, I opened up MGS5 and the game froze after a few of the opening logos. I shut the game and tried again, but the same thing happene
  8. I already did try a few older ones, more recent ones don't work and if I go too far back it won't work with windows 10.
  9. I'm not sure of what you are saying. Could you link me to one of the drivers you want me to try?
  10. Ran the game as admin, put -high in the launch options, I can't change the settings cause i cant get to the main menu
  11. Hello guys, I am really hoping somebody on here can help me. I own Metal Gear Solid 5: TPP, and it is probably my all time favorite single player game. I have played about half way through the game, about 30 hours in, so imagine my disappointment when one day I booted up the game and it straight up froze. The game freezes every time now, but it seems to happen at different times. It froze at the opening logos, the main menu, and the starting loading screen. I have tried a bunch of ways to fix this, like updating my graphics card driver, re downloading the game, and checking the integrity of ga
  12. This is the new monitor I am getting. Should I use a HDMI, DVI-D, or Displayport connection?