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  1. Hi everyone, I recently was given the job to deploy a fairly low-power G5 XServe in our office. Despite my arguments saying it's not worth it, they want it in. Here's the catch: It came with no drives so I've had to put some new ones in. With this, I have absolutely no Apple software. None of my colleagues or friends have a Mac either. The problem is, I'm trying to install Linux, specifically Ubuntu Server, however it will not read my boot disc. It's just a screen with a folder and a question mark. Is there a solution to this? I don't exactly want to spend mo
  2. Thanks! I have the sub of an X-530 but not the actual speakers.
  3. I was given a set of Logitech Z337 speakers for my birthday and as grateful as I am to have a pair of working speakers now, I'm a little disappointed in the bass output. I have an old Logitech X-530 sub and was wondering if I could connect the satellite speakers to that, just to get an improvement in bass. Would this work? My apologies if this is a silly question etc. I'm not that well informed in the audio sector :)
  4. Remove them and re-solder new LEDs. If you go on YouTube and watch a simple tutorial you will see it is really simple and cheap. Another way is just placing a piece of clear plastic of the colour you want on the LED.
  5. I can confirm this works. I just watched Barnacles video about it. Just go to the online store and add to basket. You will need an account but otherwise you just redeem your key. If uncertain, look at the steam reviews for the game and you will see people who have downloaded it from this site.
  6. buy a fan Y cable or controller. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/4-pin-fan-splitter
  7. Did nothing at school today. We just sat and watched the google election count on the projector.
  8. Well It doesn't suffer any performance loss so why should I turn down settings to downgrade the look of the game. I won't touch anything until I max out my Vram.
  9. I disagree. When I play GTA 5 and JC3 with max setting (GTAV MSAA X2), I use about 4.8-5.1GB of Vram at 1080p. 6GB is definitely nice to have especially at the rate games are being developed.
  10. Oh god why would you even consider putting that thing with your CPU and GPU????!!!!!!!
  11. Love this! I love messing around with flight simulators. What sim do you use?
  12. Well when I play GTA 5 at 1080p with 2xMSAA I use around around 4.8-5.1GB for whatever reason!
  13. When I see people creating topics about advice on asking their parents for large amounts of money so they can game, I just want to leave the internet forever...
  14. But how does Nvidia know who to send the email to? How do they know that you have a 970?
  15. Well then I guess I was wrong. Hopefully you all get your $30 soon!
  16. Generally when Nvidia or similar send people emails there's usually a set theme such as green borders with white text and maybe some GTX 10 adds on the side. If the email was just text and the sender looks sketchy I wouldn't trust it.
  17. Along with what others have suggested, what are your temps and clock speeds for your GPU's and CPU?
  18. I absolutely hate HDD sounds. I have an S340 so there is no sound dampening for the drives. When I copy large files or when the nightly backup starts my PC sounds like a wood chipper.