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  1. Thank you so much @Egad for taking your time to help me with this build! 


    It's been a while since I came here and right now I've found an article from "PCGamer" that I find it curious and since I know I can rely on you, what do you think about this?



    CPU: Intel Core I3 6100

    GPU: AMD R9 380 4GB

    RAM: 8GB DDR4 2666MHz


    It is much more economical which at this time it is better for me. I've decided that I will not do any editing, just pure gaming, so I guess I can save some more by decreasing in RAM in in CPU. However, someone said it's not very good a dual core CPU along with the GPU R9. What do I do?  :(

  2. The 1s will just plug directly into the audio of your PC, no dongle needed. Other than that, there aren't really any sound differences.


    As far as those headsets, you would get better sound if you got a headphone, and either a modmic or boompro. (but that's in the future, so you should post again when you get to that point.)



    There aren't any noticeable differences between them all, except for that the Cloud 2 has a really shit USB dongle, and a 4 pole connector that makes it harder to plug directly into a PC than the other options. 


    Pretty much what he said. As far as I know the only difference between Cloud I and Cloud II are the second being 7.1 and the first one only 2.0 but this means nothing since it is a virtual 7.1. 


    To be honest I don't know why the USB dongle is considered shit since for me it is very practical since I could quick increase or decrease the headset volume and mute or unmute the mic. I plugged the headset with USB dongle and then directly into the laptop via 3.5mm jack and didn't noticed any difference in sound. 


    I use my headset with the 7.1 disabled, strangely I have more perception and notice more surround with it disabled, I don't know if it is headset fault or if my motherboard is alredy processing virtual surround.



    How does people like your mic in let's say skype calls? (Important for me since I don't like people with bad mics and don't want to be in the group of those people.) Thank you for your advice, I will take into consideration.

    You are like me, the principal concern I had was the mic. I do some YouTube videos and didn't want that horrible sound typical from the headset where it sounds like we're talking underwater or with something pressing the nose. Anyway, the mic isn't nothing special, it's just like the others, however I didn't try it yet without the USB dongle, with that you can't boost your mic and it is very quiet unless you use an external software ( Peter's Equalizer APO) and with this software the only problem is the static noise but so far I talked to my friends at TeamSpeak and they didn't complain and could hear me easily. I will have to do some audio test and then listen in my speakers. 
  3. Whats the sub-bass and bass on those headphones? How do they sound? Can you describe the sound overall? Thanks!


    Well, I'm not an expert but this HyperX put to shame my Sennheiser RS 120 ii , I thought they were the most comfortable and sounding thing I've ever had but no, my ear fits perfectly inside the Cloud 2 and the sound is crystal clear. The bass however it is there, you will want to have an external EQ to increase the bass but even with default settings and running some audio samples from youtube and other side the bass is stunning, no distortion at all and you feel the vibrations.
    If you really want this headset then don't think twice, however if you don't need the mic with the same price or a little higher you can buy an AKG or Audio Technica, they are stereo but Razer has a free 7.1 virtualization. This headset also have virtual 7.1 so you lose nothing.
    Sound Overall: 9/10 , why didn't I give them a ten? Well, nothing is perfect and as default they could have  more noticeable bass but once again, this is something you could do with an EQ if you really like to hear heavy bass music or explosions like I do.
  4. Can you share your experience with those headphones?



    Kingston HyperX Cloud 2, I bought them yesterday and they are amazing!

    The unique con that I have is the microphone. It is very quiet and you can't boost him through audio panel in windows, however I could bypass that.

    They are extremelly comfortable and offer multiple accessories. If you are more into gaming I recommend switch the leather cups for the velour pads since they leak more audio and therefore you have more perception around you

    To this I add that somehow I get more surround sound with "7.1" disabled, I don't know if my laptop motherboard already have 7.1 virtualization but in fact, the built-in surround isn't that good.
  5. Kingston HyperX Cloud 2, I bought them yesterday and they are amazing! The unique con that I have is the microphone. It is very quiet and you can't boost him through audio panel in windows, however I could bypass that. They are extremelly comfortable and offer multiple accessories. If you are more into gaming I recommend switch the leather cups for the velour pads since they leak more audio and therefore you have more perception around you

  6. I would recommend playing around with PC Part Picker: https://pcpartpicker.com/parts/partlist/  If you aren't located in the US, you can change the country in the upper right to get more accurate prices.


    As for your build:


    First some general questions:


    What is your price range?

    I don't have any, I just want to see how much it will be having a good quality/price PC, because I know in way or another it will be expensive, something around at 800€-1100€ (713$ - 990$)


    Do you intend to overclock?  

    Probably not, I will not risk it since I'm not that into that


    What do you intend to do with it?  I assume gaming, but anything else?  

    Mostly gaming since I will keep my laptop for editing or recording (Photoshop, SonyVegas, Corel, Premiere,etc)


    What kind of resolution are you looking for in games (1080p, 1440p, 4K)?

    1080p only , to be honest I don't know if it's perceptible the change from 1080p to 1440p but this is something that can wait.


  7. Hello,


    tomorrow I will buy an headset but don't know which.

    I want one that has 5.1 or really good surround and a good mic because I do YouTube videos. I know the wisest choice would be an headphone and an separate mic but I want something convenient.


    My choices are between:

    Logitech G430 - 72,90€  (81,75$)

    SteelSeries Siberia V2 - 77,90€ (87,35$)


    Those are the ones available at my store and I didn't want to spend more than 75€ (84.10$)


  8. So, what you guys think about this:


    Motherboard: I have no idea but something that I could upgrade both CPU and graphic card in the future.

    CPU: Intel Core I7 4790K 4.0GHz (4.4GHz Turbo) 8MB Box or Intel Core I5 4690K 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) 6MB Box

    Graphic Card: Nvidia GTX 970 or equivalent. I don't know if AMD can do tesselation or if has some features as nvidia does such as the shadowplay and physx

    RAM: 16GB - No idea if DDR3 or DDR 4 and the voltage

    HDD: 250GB SSD whichever brand or/and 500GB HDD.

  9. Hello again  :)



    1: Just because they can get to 5GHz doesn't mean they perform better. Intel CPUs have a better IPC. They perform about twice as better at the same clock speed in single thread processes like gaming.

    2: On the nVidia side I'd recommend a 970 or up for 780Ti performance. If you're willing to do AMD, the 390 is a great choice.

    3: Not really a question.

    4: Why would you want to? I mean you can, but why?

    5: Follow your posts so you can get notifications when someone replies.

    4. Just because I went to Nvidia website and saw some graphic cards charts, with scores and performance and the settings in that chart was medium settings at 1980x1080, so if I play at lower resolution I could increase those settings. My laptop is 1366x768 so anything above this will be good to me.



    There is no reason to buy an AMD processor right now.  You have absolutely no upgrade path as the current AMD socket has been pushed as far as it can and still ranks lower than Intel processors with fewer cores.  What you want is likely an Intel i5 that fits your budget.  Four cores right now is the sweet spot for most games and the i5 will handle it well.  


    I don't know what your budget it, but typically you want to structure you build around:


    • i5 Processor (4th, 5th or 6th are all fine, slight performance jumps with each gen but the 4th gens still remain very functional)
    • Graphics Card: I recommend something with at least 4 GB VRAM.  The 750Ti is a good budget card, but with only 2 GB of VRAM it has one foot in the grave.  Right now generally speaking AMD cards are the better deal, although the nVidia GTX 980Ti is the king if you value pure performance over price to performance 
    • 8 GB of RAM


    In terms of getting nice stuff, you want to step your graphics card up first as an i5 can still feed even a powerful GPU.  Then you consider going to 16 GB RAM or an i7.  4th and 5th gen i7 prices are also dropping as 6th gen processors are released, so in the future going from an i5 to an i7 will be cheaper.  However you don't need an i7 right now unless you're looking at running other things along with the game (recording the game, streaming it, etc).  

    First things first. It is possible to change the CPU? Like, if I buy now an i5 and when I have the chance to buy an i7, it would be possible to swap them if the motherboard support?


    The Nvidia GTX 980Ti costs almost the same as my laptop  :o  :lol:


    Yes, I pretend to do some recording but I'm not that picky in that so I could just use my laptop as a recorder.


    And as a CPU what are those currently at the top, both i5 and i7 so I could compare the prices or is there any website with charts , because the only thing I know it's the Ghz but I also know that, for example, an i5 with 3.40GHz is even or lower than an i7 with 3.00GHz

  10. Hello,


    since I'm knowing myself as a person I've always played games.

      I started with those old tetris machine, then went to my precious MegaDrive climbing up to Playstation 1 (not the rounded one, ew), Playstation2 and it 

    ends here, when I received my first desktop computer.


      It wasn't a super machine but it was the first time that I had the opportunity to interact with a new system. 


      I don't want you to get bored to death reading my gaming life story but in conclusion, games was always part of my life and since I've change to the "PC

    master Race" I couldn't be on the frontline of new games like I was every time a new game came out for a console system.


      Right now I have a laptop, I had to buy it for school (3 years ago) but it hurts me so much heading over steam and seeing, for example: MadMax, Fallout 4, GTA V, ARK, DayZ and many others and saying to myself "My laptop can't handle this" or "Will this game run on my laptop?" 


      And this is the reason why I'm here, to get your help in build my "nothing-to-worrying-about-pc" for a reasonable price.


      I understand a bit of computers, however there are some things that I'm completely unaware of, such as motherboards and CPU Ghz's. 


    I've checked this guide: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/7766-diy-pc/


    1. I thought the Intel i7 were the beasts but I read wonder thing about that AMD CPU that can be overclocked to almost 5.0Ghz. Now, this is very pretty in theory but it will be the best quality/price choise to run such modern games without struggles? Because in a computer store near me, that CPU is really, really cheap, 177,90€ ( 132,16$, roughly).

    2. The graphic card I have preference for Nvidia. The 780Ti , I read it is the best choice but it is unavailable in the store. What is the one that can run at almost the same performance?

    3. Also I pretend to do recording, right now with my laptop I do it with OBS and IntelQuickSync encondig and I have no loss on fps or just 2/3fps drops, and playing at 1980x1080 (or in a lower resolution).

    4. If I bought a full HD monitor, playing in with lower resolution such as 1440x990 it is a waste of money?



    I hope you guys can help me. It's late in here, tomorrow I will place my components list so you guys can tell me if I finally will be able to be at the top again.



    Laptop specs:

    Asus K55VJ

    Windows 10 x46

    Intel i7 3630QM 2.40Ghz~3.40Ghz

    Intel HD 4000

    Nvidia GT 635M 2GB 

    6GB DDR3

    Toshiba HDD 500GB