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    Clifford reacted to dalomo in [US-Amazon Prime] Vizio 5.1 Soundbar w/ Rear Speakers. $149.99 ($249.99 REG)   
    I have this soundbar and sub (not the satellite speakers) and I can confirm that it's pretty great for the price. It was $160 from Sam's club (cheapest by $10 at the time) when I got it a year ago.
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    Clifford reacted to JoeyDM in [US-Amazon] Corsair Vengeance Series Military Green C70 $57.99 (55% off)   
    Wow. Someday I will do a camo build... This + noctua fans + a sabertooth. Someday, but not today.
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    Clifford got a reaction from Guest in [Adorama] 500GB Samsung 850 Sale. $137.99 + AC Syndicate   
    I did and bought the pro. No regratz.
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    Clifford got a reaction from stconquest in [Adorama] 500GB Samsung 850 Sale. $137.99 + AC Syndicate   
    500 GB Samsung 850 EVO (sata III) $137.99 
    500 GB Samsung 850 EVO M.2 $137.99
    500 GB Samsung 850 EVO mSATA 
    Use promo code SAVE1DAY15 to get it down to $137.99 at checkout.
    This also works on the 850 PRO 512 GB bringing it down to $197.99
    No tax or shipping for me. ( I live in California.)
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    Clifford got a reaction from Admiral Naismith in Broken pins on PCI-E lane.   
    Yeah, the motherboard was brand new LOL. 
    Everything should work fine in theory as long as I don't plug anything into the broken slot.
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    Clifford got a reaction from eHamm in [Massdrop] Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset $79.99 | $69.99   
    Just dropped! Was waiting for this to drop in price on Amazon but it actually went online on Massdrop. If anyone else is looking for a gaming headset, it's one of the best at a sub $100 pricetag. 
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    Clifford got a reaction from ThinkWithPortals in [Massdrop] Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset $79.99 | $69.99   
    Holy cow that sucks. Sorry to hear that man.
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    Clifford got a reaction from Anthony10 in [Amazon - US] Intel I7 4770k/GB Z87 MB/8GB DDR3 Bundle $349.99   
    Not a bad deal for anyone looking for an i7 for cheap with included motherboard and RAM. 
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    Clifford got a reaction from deguzi in (Newegg) ASUS VN248H-P Slim Bezel IPS $149.99 ($129.99 AR) Reg Price $229.99   
    The monitor you've linked also isn't an IPS panel. The model number is off by 1. And just like prince said above, it's still a fair amount cheaper.
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    Clifford got a reaction from spenser_l in Ergotech Freedom Arm $79.99 + Free Shipping (Normally $99.99)   
    Just bought one. They're currently having a anniversary sale so get them while they're still here!
    Normally $99 without free shipping!
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    Clifford got a reaction from JoaoPRSousa in Computer Case / Motherboard Compatibility?   
    I wanna say around $300-$400 for the motherboard, ram, and CPU (which is a lot of overhead to work with). The less the better though of course.
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    Clifford got a reaction from G00chCuzz in Looking for new monitor 200-250$$   
    Just what I was gonna recommend! 
    Here is a link. 
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    Clifford got a reaction from JustTooDank in Can I buy games from a different computer?   
    Steam has Borderlands 2 GOTY for $19.99 btw. I'm not sure how GGG works so I can't say for sure. but if you buy games from Steam, you can play the game on any computer given that you log in on that account the game is tied to. 
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    Clifford got a reaction from Ghost in Microsoft Store up to 60% off Astro Headsets   
    Astro Gaming A30 Wired Audio System (Black) 

    Now $79.99

    was  $199.99



    Astro Gaming A30 Wireless System (Black)

    Now $109.99

    was  $229.99



    Astro Gaming A40 Wireless System (Black)

    Now $139.99

    was  $279.99




    Heard great things about these headsets and I rarely see them on sale so if anyone wants to pick them up, here they are!
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    Clifford reacted to Volbet in Overclocking   
    I would recommend using MSi Afterburner, but you can use CCC
    My guide as always is:
    Increase core clock by 10-20MHz Test for stability by using either Unigin Heaven or a graphics heavy game (Metro: Last Light, Battlefield 4, Crysis 3 ect) If stable, repeat If unstable, increase core voltage with 5Mv (Might not be an option for your graphics card) Repeat untill you hit a temeprature of 90C on the GPU If you want to you can overclock the memory, but it doesnøt really make any difference Increase the memory clock with 25-50MHz Test for stability (See step 2), Repeat untill you hit instability, and then scale back to the last stable setting 
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    Clifford got a reaction from Bikkabo in What´s your favorite PC color scheme?   
    White and blue?!

    Well it's a mixture of a bunch of other colors but I personally like anything with accents of white/blue.
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    Clifford got a reaction from AnotherTechGuy in .   
    K70 sounds like what fits your need. 
    There's also 4 different options that you can pick from : Black with MX RED, Gunmetal with MX BLUE, Gunmetal with MX Brown, Silver with MX RED. 
    I'm personally more of a fan of MX Reds because of their low pressure but it's all a personal preference.
    Also, if you want to spend a bit more and get macro keys, there's the K95 which is also nice.
    I'm also currently using a Corsair K90.