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  1. honestly with that atrocious cable management a fan is going to do literally nothing
  2. You can't get a decent prebuilt for $450 (or any price really, they're all ripoffs...). Instead, I'd consider building your own PC...
  3. You're expecting to get a gaming rig, monitor, and keyboard and headset for $575? You're dreaming.
  4. The issue is that I don't even know if I have the right settings enabled in OBS to make sure I'm testing it right. I could be doing something completely wrong and that's why it seems so bad. When I do stream, and load it up on my phone, its grainy as all hell. But when I try to increase the bitrate, my game lags. Keep in mind that I haven't tested this since I got my 1060, before that I had an R9 290X.
  5. Not familiar with that, what is it and how do i use it?
  6. I am a horrible person but I haven't cleaned my PC since I got it two years ago. Edit: Don't kill me please
  7. Hey LTT, Not sure what category for this one, but here we go. Over the summer, I would like to start streaming. I have an i5 4690k paired with a 1060 6gb. I have two displays, one with 120hz (for the game) and the other only 60 (OBS, spotify, chat, etc). I am wondering if my computer is powerful enough to keep 130+ fps in Overwatch while streaming at either 720p60fps, or 1080p30fps with decent bitrate. Thanks for any help in advance, Alex
  8. absolutely. I actually have the same setup (except 24 and 22 inch)
  9. Wow I was not expecting nearly this level of response. Thanks guys, I'll have to check all this out. I also just purchased this book based on a recommendation from my computer science teacher, who, funny enough, knows the author personally through college. Is this book actually any good? Thanks so much guys!
  10. Hey LTT I am a high school student looking to learn more about Java and maybe some Python. This year, I took a beginner Computer Science class at school. Covered variables, loops, arrays (java only), very basics in Java and Python. I want to learn more, but I don't know where to start. I don't have any project ideas, and I need something try. I need a challenge. I also want to learn how to make something that isn't text only. These questions might not make sense, as I am a beginner. Just ask for clarification. Thanks in advance, Alex
  11. Literally comes down to this: Windows or Mac? Which do you prefer? If you use an iPhone, get a Mac, as much as I hate Apple products the ecosystem is so good.
  12. I assume you have tried a different SATA port on MOBO?
  13. I'm assuming you mean 1440p, 1440hz doesn't exist AFAIK.