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  1. um soryy i use a 2650 not a 2560 very big difference, throw new ice bricks on the case every 1.5 hours to keep it below 58, metal case primitive but cools the board well.
  2. um yes gtx 940x 4 gb i already light cpu mining, 2560 x oc 30% 16 core 8 x 8 threads and 32 GB ddr3 memory the risers i am planning rather than trying 3060 or such 12 risers with alternate pci config device called an UM interface and very eying the hash psu 1600 watt but need to know if they have side effects and are reliable etc calculated cost is running about 1300-1400 220 x 12 and 200-250 for the UM but not including the psu 48 GB grp mem total and quite cheaper than 3060 etc
  3. Do you have a pci e slot for an SAS controller, the clock on sas makes file io timing much higher quality through put with sometimes as high 50 GB clock speed for address should work on non server as long as it is a reg work station, just set Network reg current users to SAS and set an address it then makes it easier to use for cheaper portable usb hdd and ssd 225 500 GB GB patches as long as the disks have an sas id also good to password protect your files, sounds dumb but easier to organize just label your hdd's and use 1-5 at a time store in plastic cases and boxes ps sas hashing is much
  4. currently a weak saphire 6450 but easy to work the overclocking would risers be practical to upgrade, i was thinking 12 GTX 940x at 220 a piece might be in my budget for next year. Was wondering if anyone with experience could share on best cables cases and cooling modes and acpi connector cables though do not want a server per say i ahd one powerful but just way to loud, would it be more feasable to use asic miner power units and splitters ie 1600 watt psu, mostly wondering about cases and cables though, and recommendations on GTX 940x ish gpu's i could use.
  5. You might try a hook-up test before running them through your walls, just hook them up and see if they work, should give you a good isea on their operational state.
  6. Basic theory of this post is to create a perspective on "PC tech tips", specifically the different kinds of tech tips and tweaks, approaches to maintaining your pc , with overclocking, settings modifications, updating drivers, creating performance check-lists, such as are my GPU drivers installed, installed correctly, where can I get a new cooling fan at 8:45 p.m. in"my city", what is the best software for my needs and wants, and the tweaks great and small that make a pc run better faster, cooler, etc. Also Anti-Virus, calculators, download software, camera software, epub software, where do I
  7. if you like the 5960x and like it keep it or switch to 5960k (if you like the 5960 performance style, the 6700 k might give you slightly better monitor throughput and hard drive handling, if you are upgrading you might also consider a SAS ^ gb/s hard drive and a amd pci ram accelerator(slot L3), or/and a monitor upgrade(though i do not know your monitor situation
  8. i woould add an intel pci coprocessoor ,60 or 50 core,, and a pci ram accerator,amd or hp proliant tag ram
  9. i worked out a dual xeon eg 2695v2 12 core 24 thread x2 24/48 on an intel w2600r2 dual board,, the intel board is nice as it has L1-4 video card,60 core coprocessor,ram along, and wireless card, 64 gb ram,and Lg monitor, unnfinished but looking good
  10. the power supply was on another piece of paper, 900w or 1000w coolermaster pc power supply
  11. souns like a crappy motherboard,might consider new, you use a gaming setup, maybe an asus x87, probable wouldn't hurt your games either
  12. might be easier just to get a huge hdd, 4 gb and save some time, just patition it carefully, like 3.5/0.5 or 2/1/1 etc
  13. nemo-the hdd is one of the variables as long as 3.0 gb/s is maintained another hdd is acceptable, also sdd is an included option