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  1. A story of an undocumented deficiency of some IPS panels - would you please investigate it? (also sent to an email). Hi there, A notice: English is not my first language, so excuse me if something sounds off. A one minute video is worth 60 thousand words: (30 seconds) (from 6 to 40 seconds, no need to watch the rest). The long story follows. While looking at IPS displays over the years, I noticed that, while all of them claim to have 178/178 angles, their behavior differs very noticeably. It does not depend on price or category
  2. Just wanted to share an amusing experience. Consider it as an experiment to measure the quality of manufacturers' customer support and their ability to deal with non-standard pre-sales requests. TL;DR - only one of four companies was able to actually help. To give you some context, I have to tell you a bit about myself and my experience with LCD quality issues. I'm a 40 years old visually handicapped man since birth. My situation is stable, no vision changes over the years. I've been studying and working as a programmer for almost 20 years already. Choo
  3. Hmm, should I open a bounty for this? How much should I pay a person who makes a few second video?
  4. Hi everyone. I really need your help with some practical research. For you, it will take just a few minutes to set up your monitor to display a plain-colored background and to shoot a video while moving your camera up and down. For me and some others who are sensitive to this issue, it will save hours and even days of buying and returning multiple monitors before finding the best one. So, the essence of the issue is that a few people have noticed that some IPS monitors have a sharp wandering shadow that depends on the viewing angles. This shadow is not a problem for mo
  5. I've heard about SMR disks but did not know they actually have PMR cache and built-in data reorganization. I guess, for backup purposes SMR will be OK, especially since the PMR cache boosts the writing speed. So, I guess after each backup I'll have to leave it running idle for some time so it can rearrange all the data and free the PMR cache for the next backup session. Still wondering if there is any way to find out how large is the cache on this HDD.
  6. I have a WD Elements USB3 hard drive, 5TB size, device manager shows as "WD Elements 25A3 USB Device", Hard Disk Sentinel shows "WDC WD60EMAZ-51LW3B0". I am using it twice a week to make a backup of all of my data (using FreeFileSync script - it's an awesome free backup tool). The drive works fine in general - good speeds, no issues, no any errors in Hard Disk Sentinel nor Event Viewer. During backup, it gives normal noise levels, as you'd expect from writing a few gigabytes of data. However, as soon as I finish doing the backup and the disk is idling, it st
  7. I don't care about gaming much (only occasionally, mostly simulators and construction and adventure games, no shooters). My priorities: - good text quality (I'm a programmer) - good white uniformity (I hate it when a screen looks dirty or patchy) - good for watching movies in the evenings - good colors (not pro grade, but still need to have realistic colors for occasional video and image editing) - acceptable IPS/PLS glow - no backlight bleeding - not using PWM (true flicker free, even on lower brightness) - not many dead pixels (I can live with o
  8. Yeah, half dead as a zombie because it can read but not write.
  9. Tried the disk with different USB ports, with different computers, re-plugged all the cables - still the same issue. Write speeds are low and all over the place. Read speeds, however, hold steady at 190 MB/s. CrystalDiskMark also confirms this. The same on a Mac - reading steady at 190, writing average 40 MB/s (no nice graphs or event logs to see how it stutters and drops to 0 every 5 seconds or so). No reallocated sectors, no bad noises - just this error complaining about communication issues and operation retry. Compared to a cheap 2.5" USB3 disk encl
  10. I just got myself a new WD Elements Desktop 6TB drive for backups. So I started copying 1TB of data to it. In general, speed remains stable around 130 - 50 MB/s (depends if it's copying large files or lots of smaller ones). However, I noticed that sometimes speed suddenly drops to 0 and resumes after 2-5 seconds. Hard Disk Sentinel shows performance issues and increasing "Ultra ATA CRC Error Count" at those moments when speed drops to 0, and Windows Event Viewer also shows warnings about copy retry operations. I tried to attach it to another USB 3 port and it seemed to
  11. Yep, I can search, I have seen Orico, Mediasonic etc. and they all have so much negative reviews about points that matter to me, or a bunch of flaky features (RAID in this price segment is rubbish, better not have it all than risking your data). This this product category seems to be ignored by most of the "big players" who, in theory, could provide more reliable solutions. Unless I go for OWC, which is more Mac-oriented and so expensive that I can buy a NAS for that price. And also this product category is not popular enough to collect detailed experience stories about
  12. Thanks, I just did some digging about these. For Silverstone, I can get only TS231U-C but it costs 125 EUR which is a hefty price (it has RAID built-in, which I don't need - that's an issue with most 2-bay cases, unfortunately). The same with OWC OWCMED3FR0GB - good quality but too many features to pay for. ICYRaid - no signs of these models nor in my country, nor closest Europe Amazon sites (DE and CO.UK). Sigh. I guess, quality always come with features I don't want to pay for. It's tricky to find something high quality but basic, and thus somewhat ch
  13. Oh, that Thermaltake Duet has maximum capacity of 2 TB, will have to look for a newer model anyway. And some 3.5" drives require 12V power - I'm not sure which USB adapters have such conversion built-in (suspect that the ones without external power don't have 12V, but maybe I'm outdated and all modern USB3-SATA adapters have 5V->12V converter for 3.5" drives).
  14. Well, I intend to keep the drives somewhere behind the table on the floor in the corner of the room, and then dust might accumulate on the drives very soon. I could put some case over them, but then I would be worried about temperatures. Anyway, I will go for a docking station only if I cannot find a reliable enclosure with a temperature-controlled fan.