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  1. Hey no problem. I'm thinking about getting the case too. It does look amazing. I should warn you though. Phanteks at CES just announced a tempered glass version of the Evolv ATX. These glass side panels are not compatible with the regular windowed Evolv ATX so if you want, you can wait for this version.
  2. This rumor has been going on since the iPhone 4 but for some reason this time I believe it. A lot of headphone manufacturers are releasing lightning cable headphones, Wall Street figures are down, although that could be because of relaxation of Apple's crazy growth, and judging by Apple's recent design decisions for other products, it doesn't seem so outlandish. Will this be a good move? No, it will be hugely unpopular with giant consumer backlash. Then again, Apple removed disk drives from their MacBooks which the entire industry scoffed at but look where we're at now.
  3. Here's Dmitry's review of it. Phanteks is one of the best when it comes to cable management. Here's Dmitry's own rig. It has a NZXT 280mm AIO along with dual 980Ti's. Sounds similar to what you want to do with yours.
  4. I'm going to assume 300 USD. Phanteks Evolve ATX would be my personal choice with the above criteria. If you want a bigger case with more airflow then a full tower Enthoo Pro?
  5. Gimme Dell's latest Ultrasharp instead. 120hz OLED 4K SwiftRage!!!
  6. Start with prevention. 1. Wash your bed sheets. 2. Maintain good hygiene (clean clothes, good showers, etc) 3. Good diet (your skin is an organ, it needs to be properly fueled) Then to deal with acne. Your face is very delicate, do not start using maximum strength 1337 facial acne vaporiz3rs at first. 1. Use a very soft facial cleanser. I use Cerave foaming facial cleanser. (once in the morning, once at night) 2. A benzoyl peroxide cleanser. I use Clean and Clear continuous control (use once a day till acne is gone then 2-3 times a week as maintenance) this stuff is strong. 3.
  7. I did just so I could isolate the problem which for me, it was. After I got OSX to boot, I installed the latest Nvidia web drivers, rebooted, shut down my PC, installed my GPU and plugged my monitors into that and everything was good
  8. Try installing from your integrated graphics. I just got El Capitan working on my hackintosh but imessage seems to be buggy.