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  1. Why dosn't it come close? extremly fast 65W dash charger, a super AMOLED, sure the camera kindda sucks, but I've a decent mirrorless camera i love to use. And yes gurilla glas 5 is way worse then the 3 on the RealMe, and the Snapdragon 865 is 12,3 % faster in CPU speed, then the 720G in the Realme. And the 865 has 2-5 X times the speed in read/Write preformance, but I don't know how important that is? BTW: I never game on my phone. Usacase: Browsing, texting, watching content
  2. Hi, I'm on the markedet fore a midrange phone, and I've been looking at diffrent models. Due to me being in Europe something like the Google Pixel is not an option. I'm currently down to four options, i think. The 8 pro, S21 and Note 10 is around the same price (within 20 USD), while the Realme pro 7 is around 40ish % less then the three other options. The three more expensive ones all come with a carrier, but the plans is not more expensive them my current. My former, and now screen cracked, phone is my beloved Samsung Note 9. But unfortunally the repair cost is almost the same
  3. unfrotunally they don't sell any of those in my country, I think the cheapes I can find is this: Crucial P1 M.2 1000 GB PCI Express 3.0 NVMe around 150 USD
  4. Will the Samsung evo 970 evo be bottlenecked by the rest of the system?
  5. Hi I’m currently looking for a new 1 TB m.2 SSD for my HP envy x360 convertible - model: 13-ag0804no. I can see that my current m.2 SSD (the one the pc is born with) is a SK hynix bc501 hfm256gdjtng-8310a. Can someone help my figure out if my current M.2 SSD is and what I can put in my laptop. Is it key B, M or Key B+M? I know the length is M.2 80 mm or the 2280 S3 formfactor and the interface is PCIe gen 3 But what m.2 SSD's will fit? And what will be optimal price to performance when the pc specs are taking into consideration? M
  6. I broke my router like a week ago trying to flash it's firmware with tomato, but something went wrong and the router bricked. I'm now trying to force flash the firmware with a USB to serial-TTL converter and this guide: https://www.myopenrouter.com/article/how-debrick-or-recover-netgear-r7000-r6300v2-or-r6250-wi-fi-routers. But after the reading:: command it just freezes. The power on light is flashing, but nothing happens.
  7. I only gonna have one system running at the time, so one stream from the internet connection.... I know my internet connection is extremly overkill, but in DK internet is so cheap that is cost me like 5 USD/month to have a 500/500 instead of 100/100 fiber.
  8. ok... I'm also thinking about creating a powerful server to run 24/7 and then use it as my main system for everything, even my laptops so when I log into them, they will connect to my server, and run all data-crunching from that... In that way, I never again have to upgrade laptops due to hardware limitations... If anything is to slow, I just gonna upgrade my server, and then everything will run faster... Mayby something like a rayzen 3 or a threatripper paired with a GTX 1080 and 32 GB of RAM connected to my 500/500 mbits connection.
  9. What would be the purpose of having 2 machines instead on one, thats more powerfull?
  10. I have currently 2 older laptops, that works absolutely fine,. It they are having a though time keeping up especially I Lightroom and Photoshop. I also want to transition away from my current cloud based storage at Microsoft to run things from my own home Server. Now I was thinking, what would it take to create one powerful server where all my computering needs runs from. So even when I'm on the go my laptops will login to my server both to retrieve files and in order to get data crunched (for e.g. Photoshop og lightroom) so my laptops will more of less just function as
  11. I'm running out of HDD space for my RAW files, so I want to upgrade how I store my files. My plan is to buy a NAS server with 2 X 4 TB Seagate IronWolf for stoages running in raid 1, so I have easier can share my files with friends/family and clients and also using it as a PLEX server, so I can make myself a media center. Does anyone know if the entry level Zyxel NAS326 will be able to handle this? I know it don't have the power for live transcoding, but then I just have to make sure that movies and TV shows is convertet/importet in the right format to begin with,
  12. I just need to transcode movies from my Plex server 4K content. Ok I'll think about going with a 2 X 4 TB option then.
  13. Wow thanks for your answer. I don't know what hypervisor is or proxmos. How so I ID make them, and what will the benefits be? I can pick up the second hand PC for around 230$, but if you have a better suggestion for specs I would love to hear it, and also show I get a GPU for hardware acceleration in regards to the transcoding? I can understand why the Raid 0 confused you, that is because I was a fool... I of cause ment a raid 1 config for redondency.
  14. So people, I need your input. I currently have a 100/100 Mbit internet connection through a Netgear Nighthawk R700 and I'm running Private Interenss Access as my VPN of choice on my devices. But I'm having some issues. 1) my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 won't play nice with my smart home devices and my Google Chromecast when I run my VPN on it. 2) I reasently bought a laptop with a Ryzen 2300 CPU and a dedikated vega 5 graphic card - I thought this would be more then enought power to run photoshop, lightroom and adope premiere (1080P and 4K photages) - but wow I was wrong, there is great la
  15. I just bought a HP X360 envy, I love the PC but there is one but... I'm not happy with it's brightness level, that's lower then what would like. Is there any way to "hack" windows 10 so I can go beyond what the screen can do as stock?