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  1. Sorry to cause an argument guys, im still in school and im soooo scared about loosing data and also damaging something inside the laptop. Im going to take it in for service, the place I got it from gave me 5 free services, time to use up one and I can always use my phone to get school work done while thats being serviced, thanks for the help guys, really appreciated. You guys are AWESOME
  2. I use the laptop usually on a flat surface but occasionally on my lap and i've never cleaned the fan, how do you do that, do you have to open up the laptop because i have no idea on how to do that, ive tried to already
  3. I wondering if anyone knows whats up with my laptop.The fan Runs really loud even when im just browsing the web and I occasionally get a "cooling System" warning telling me there is something wrong with the cooling system and that it needs to be sent In for Service. My laptop is a Toshiba satellite C50-B , the specs are OS - Windows 10 Home edition 64-Bit CPU - Intel Celeron CPU, 2.13GHz Dual Core, x64 Based RAM - 4.00GB Graphics - Intel Graphics HDD - 500GB Hard Drive If anyone knows can you please help because I ALWAYS get those 'warnings' at the