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    AMD A8 7600
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    Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-HD2 (rev. 1.0)
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  1. eh, figured as much. So unless I have applications, or I see myself using it regularly a normal 1080p monitor should be more efficient. I figured it would be better for scrolling webpages or on messaging apps, but I suppose some mice have scroll wheels specifically for that.
  2. I am thinking of getting a touch screen monitor as my second display. Colour accuracy and display quality is not a huge concern; anything decent should be good1. As a utility, so I can do things with my hands while keeping the mouse in the primary monitor (is this even true?). Wondering what people think about this and if anyone has already tried it. And maybe any monitor recommendation? All of them look so ugly and don't look safe to put on a VESA arm.
  3. Why does young Linus look like young/skinny Eminem? Or is it just me?
  4. So are other body parts... The lungs, stomach and kidneys are, arguably, very essential. I think the analogy is meant to portray that most/all the "thinking" happens in the CPU. I think it is a good analogy for people who don't understand computers.
  5. I would also add that for most people the experience is what matters, not the absolute range of a pair of headphones or the number of pixels on a screen. So talking about the experience would convince more people to buy it (or not).
  6. I had one for my one plus 6t. Overall it is great. Until it wasn't. After a few months, almost a year the plastic edges started to come off and the glue holding if together started to stop working. So I had to essentially throw it away. Plus side is that the support were really helpful and they gave me credit for the cost of my purchase because they ran out of my version and current replace it for me.
  7. Synergy, iirc, is paid. There is a free solution barrier . I personally use it. The only issue I have with it is that most can be transferred to other devices accidentally when I am playing an fps. So I have to disable it then. Overall, I have no problems with it.
  8. Let me dream will ya But yeah, I even believe that LTT is working on a video investigating the shortage in more detail and Linus said that expect a year+ of GPU shortage
  9. Wasn't there an issue recently covered by iFixit with the ps5 controller and drift? Found here. That's where I found out about the common analogue module.
  10. Fair point. Any suggested alternative? Because iirc it is a problem with the analogue such module which most, if not all, recent controllers use.
  11. And I wouldn't suggest using the XB One controller in Bluetooth. Lately there were a few problems causing severe performance issues. I am speaking about sub 30 fps in Destiny 2 on a 1660ti. I usually get 80+ Connecting using wire resolves this.
  12. I would say it is very possible, if they are Turing complete they should be equivalent to other languages, any program can be written in any language. Some languages are more convenient for some use cases. And esolanguages are not convenient for almost any use case.
  13. Adding to the thread, I would argue that there is very little difference between inline vs in a seperate file besides organisation. Having things in separate files can make it easier to debug and reuse code. And make files smaller and easier to navigate. Generally, I would include all of my JS and CSS in separate files. Unless the code snippet is quite small and is specific to the current file.
  14. It would mostly depend on the game you want to develop. Some games are better as mobile and others better as console. And some can be released on all platforms. So think about what game you want to make and go on from there. If you want to consider the platform first, I would say that this the wrong approach. But generally, think about the targeted audience and the type of game you want to develop.