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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
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    ASRock X570 TaiChi
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    G.Skill Trident Z Neo 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16
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    Nvidia RTX 2070 Super
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    Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic
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    Crucial P1 1 TB M.2-2280 NVMe SSD
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    BitFenix Whisper M 650 W
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    LG 27GL850, Samsung S24C650PL
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    Custom Loop
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    Logitech G110
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    Logitech G604
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    Logitech Z323
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    MSI GE62 Apache Pro 2QE
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  1. I've been using the ZTE H268N that my ISP (A1, Austria) has provided for the past few years and I want to upgrade to something nicer. This thing's settings are severely limited. I can't even assign static IPs to my devices. I've recently gotten into home automation and picked up a Hubitat and a have some other IoT things on the way. Not being able to assign static IPs to my Lifx bulbs and Kasa switches makes them glitch out when trying to control them via Hubitat (this is actually what's prompted me to think about upgrading). I've seen a bunch of LTT (and other) videos about using
  2. If Synergy needs to be installed, I assume it'd need admin rights. This would likely not be allowed by the company. From what I undererstand, you plug your monitors into a KVM Switch Output and all systems into the KVM input. Do you know if doing this affects G Sync compatability, since the G Sync Monitor isn't "directly" plugged into my GPU anymore? Cant access work files and programs otherwise. Can't remote into the laptop from a different system as that's completely restricted. That's the whole point. When it's crunching, I don't need to use the laptop and I'd rather ch
  3. I don't know what RDP means. Do you mean remoting into my PC via my laptop? That'd work about 60% of the time, but when I'm running analyses or something, my laptop is almost unusable for those couple of hours (it isn't a very powerful laptop to begin with, unfortunately)
  4. We're doing a LOT of work-from-home, and COVID has resulted in a company-wide policy change which will allow us to work from home over half the week if we want to even after things are back to normal. Since I'd much rather work from home, I'm trying to figure out a way to optimise my setup. My personal rig has two monitors (LG 27GL850 & Samsung S24C650PL), a Logitech G110 Keyboard & a Logitech G604 Mouse. My work laptop is a Dell Latitude E7470 and I have an E Port II Docking Station that my company gave me. I use the same G110 for work and a G602 Mouse.
  5. I'm planning to get an ifixit kit too, but I'm in Austria. Do the LTT affiliate links work for the EU store, @CPotter? Would be cool if they have any promos running. Been eyeing the Manta kit but it's quite pricey!
  6. Makes sense. I could do: Fast 1 TB boot & program drive (e.g. 970 Evo) Use current Crucial P1 as a scratch drive 2 TB SATA SSD for mid-term storage x TB HDD for archiving whenever my 2 TB SSD decides to fill up
  7. I'll have to look into Optane. I don't know much about it. I'm on a Ryzen 3700X and X570 TaiChi - no idea if it supports Optane That's the plan, but I'm really conflicted between SSDs and HDDs.
  8. I recently finished putting my PC together and have been using it for a while. I currently have a single, 1TB Crucial P1 SSD in the system but will certainly need more over time. This system will be used mostly for: Working with 360° photos and videos (filmed with an Insta360 One R, just in case this is relevant) Working with "regular" 4K and 1080p videos Working with Raw photos (shot with a Nikon D90, in case this is relevant) Playing games like Elder Scrolls Online and Overwatch Playing VR games like Beat Sabre (once I have my VR stuff) Streaming (if and
  9. Hm, thanks. I didn't consider this! This was what I was planning to do anyway. I asked mostly so I could automate the process to some extent and so I could tinker a bit This is actually a pretty fair point. I will be OCing my system and playing around with it so I can imagine that there may be some instability down the line. I would much rather not have a backup inside my PC. Thanks for bringing this up. This is more of a post-PC-building project, really. The backup is definitely a factor, but I really enjoy building and tinkering. I was originally thinking of a NAS, b
  10. Heyo, My SO and I recently put our new PCs together. We both have space left over in our cases so I was thinking of utlising it to make a backup system. The idea is that I back my system up to her PC and she backs her system up to mine. If either PC fails, the other one has a backup. We're thinking of having this backup run either weekly or nightly. Additionally, I will do a nightly backup of both systems to an external drive which will live off-site. Now the questions: Does a system like this make sense and if yes, what would be a good, cost effective way to impleme
  11. Thanks! So I could just use this diagram for reference, correct? There are a few differences though: This chart shows the CPU power connector (MoBo end) having an 8 pin EPS + 4 Pin ATX connector. My BitFenix has just an 8 pin connector for the CPU. The GPU connector (GPU end) in the chart has an 8 pin PCIe + 6 Pin PCIe. My BitFenix has two 6+2 pin connectors on the GPU end. How do I handle these two cables? Do I just follow the Corsair Type 4 pinout when I make the cables? Would that work? This would be my preferred pinout actually, since my GPU has an 8 pin and
  12. I was just about finished looking for all the pins and connectors I would need to make custom sleeved cables for my BitFenix Whisper M 650W PSU. I want to make cables for the MoBo, GPU, CPU, my three Splitty4s and Quadro (all Molex Connectors) This is my first time making custom sleeved cables. Where can I find information about the pinouts and which cable should go where for my PSU? I've been watching a lot of videos about this from Singularity Computers and have collected all the tools and parts I would need. Also, I had a poke around on their website and found
  13. Sorry to necro an ancient thread, but I tried this. I used Plastidip (an Austrian local equivalent, actually) so I didn't have to mask the blades and could simply peel the film off once it dried. Here's the finished product. I am very dissatisfied with the paint job. I wouldn't pay for something of this quality. However, the caveat here is that this is the absolute first time I've tried this. I've never worked with Plastidip before and I've never tried painting PC parts. The problem with painting the frame is that you need to mask off the space between the rot
  14. I'm putting together an all white themed build and need to paint / wrap a few parts to go along with the theme. I have zero experience with painting PC parts (but I have lots of experience with spray painting glass). I am located in Vienna, Austria so ordering from Amazon USA is not possible; several north-american brands aren't even available here. I can only order from Amazon DE or some local shop if I know what to look for. I need to recolour the following parts: The Cooler Master Vertical GPU Riser The front plate of the Heatkiller GPU block The black parts
  15. That looks really nice. I'm going for the same sort of layout, but with a vertical GPU. Are those cable extensions (if so, which ones?) or did you make them yourself? I'm considering making custom cables... I intend to order 3 meters of tubes. Considering I have zero experience, do you reckon that's enough? Which rads are those? I was looking into the Radiator Roundup by Xtremerigs and it seems that the MagiCool 360 G2 Slim is a good contender and cheaper than the GTS 360. Would you happen to know anything about that one?