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    Clanscorpia got a reaction from soldier_ph in Show Yourself [Image]   
    < Me Best friend >

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    Clanscorpia got a reaction from Billy Pilgrim in LTX 2018   
    Just because you cant afford to visit something doesnt mean youre entitled to watch footage of it. 
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    Clanscorpia got a reaction from r2724r16 in More LTT colabs   
    Techsource bad
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    Clanscorpia reacted to r2724r16 in New users quoting and replying to people...   
    So very often, new users on this forum won't quote/tag people.
    For example: A new user asks: Is this a good gaming PC? We tell the new user if it's good or not, how to improve on the build, we ask any questions we have, etc. And when the new user tries to resond to our replies, we don't see their response and they don't get the help they want/need. And I think this happens because new users just don't know how to quote people. 
    So my suggestion is that when a new user signs up for this forum, they be shown how to quote people. So that when we try to help a new user troubleshoot or solve a problem, that we get their replies and we can respond to them.
    I want something like this to be shown to new users when they sign up:
    The LTT forum is one of the most popular and active general tech forums out there (AFAIK), and I believe that new users should be able to get answers to their questions, which'll only happen if we see their replies, which'll only happen if new users know how to quote/tag others.
    Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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    Clanscorpia reacted to WereCatf in How much is Fortnite worth for Hackers? Over $1000 a week!   
    Quite an assumption, there, considering you have no idea about my age. I'm 36 and I'm not suddenly going to change my mind about stealing from other people. Besides, even little kids can understand the concept of other people's property.
    No, stealing from other people -- virtual stuff or not -- is an inherently asshole, selfish thing to do, no matter how you spin it.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to Jito463 in China To Force Changes To 20 Popular Games, Ban 9 Including Fortnite and PUBG   
    In the US, those ratings are self-imposed by the games industry, not enforced by law.  There is no legal requirement on what games can be sold to whom, though many retailers do limit games based on said ratings (however, not all of them do).
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    Clanscorpia reacted to PlayStation 2 in China To Force Changes To 20 Popular Games, Ban 9 Including Fortnite and PUBG   
    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Communism.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to jasonvp in China To Force Changes To 20 Popular Games, Ban 9 Including Fortnite and PUBG   
    At no point should a legal body of any sort be involved in chat policing.  That is the definition of censorship, which is otherwise a word thrown around way too loosely on the 'net.  Chat being toxic is a thing the gaming community should be left to deal with on their own through filters, banning, etc.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to seon123 in Ryzen 3000 Leaks   
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    Clanscorpia reacted to AHaskin14 in Class action against Apple for systems damaged due to lack of dust filters   
    There's plenty of computer cases and other computer products with no dust filter, or very minimal dust filter. It's the design choice made by the company, that the consumer agreed to when they purchased it. There's no filter on my gpu, and if it cloggs with dust it could go bad, but I bought it knowing that. There's no filter on an open air case, but you buy that knowing you can clean it yourself and that's the design.
    A design flaw doesn't mean an illegal design that a company should be tried over. Else everyone and there mother could sue companies over everything that has ever broken, because the company didn't engineer it to last literally forever.
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    Clanscorpia got a reaction from Cyberspirit in Can you touch type?   
    I can type without looking and I can do it pretty fast, but I cant do it properly like with the home keys and such. I kinda just go for it 
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    Clanscorpia got a reaction from Arika S in Can you touch type?   
    I can type without looking and I can do it pretty fast, but I cant do it properly like with the home keys and such. I kinda just go for it 
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    Clanscorpia reacted to theninja35 in Can you touch type?   
    I can but I rarely rest my fingers on the ASDF JKL: keys. When I begin typing I seem to unconsciously move to the home row and then my hands just kind of flail around, but when I'm not typing my left hand is on WAD-Shift-Space and my other left hand is on the mouse.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to Tech Enthusiast in Poor service, on hold for ages, no resolution to problems? You may have a low Customer Score with the company. More companies are using it.   
    We are not talking about ignoring here, we are talking about prefering to cater to good customers. And good does not nessessarily mean wealthy either.
    Think about Amazon for example.
    Person A is buying 3 products / month for the past 15 years and is only ever returning defect stuff.
    Person B is buying a lipstick every 3 months and is returning every second for not liking the colour.
    Person C is buying 10 mice, with the clear intention to return at least 9 after trying them. This person is doing the same for everything they buy.
    Giving Person A more slack when an issue pops up, should just be natural and not considered "bad practice". And yes, that includes shorter waiting times, better offers, etc.
    I wholeheartly agree with companies doing this, as way too many customers try to abuse every service they can get away with. And the people indirectly paying for that are the good costumers that don't try to cheat the system.
    I am more than happy to consider myself Person A in this example (the stats are actually pretty close to reality) and i definitly noticed the support and service getting better over time. Now, when i call Amazon for whatever reason, they get out of their way to makeing sure i am happy. I can return stuff a year after buying it, i get discounted prices, a week after i bought it for a higher price. If i ever return something i get my money back before it even ships, i get it the moment DHL scans the return label after it leaves my hands. And if said item does not reach Amazon due to DHL screwing up, they don't bother me at all.
    If this level of service would be done for Person B as well, Amazon would go bancrupt. Even with all the money they have right now. So again, i am very happy they are doing this to make sure good customers are top priority over scammers, abusers and jerks.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to KuJoe in Poor service, on hold for ages, no resolution to problems? You may have a low Customer Score with the company. More companies are using it.   
    I think it's genius. As long as it's not used for things like healthcare or other life impacting services (i.e. clean water, power, etc...) then I strongly support this even fully knowing my score will be lower than others. All customers are not equal nor should they be treated equal or the company's performance will be impacted. If you want a company to succeed and thrive then don't limit them by enforcing "in a perfect world" expectations. But at the same time, see my response to your next question.
    No way, the government has no business trying to impose how a company is run (as long as the company isn't hurting anybody or becoming a threat to the environment, economy, or community). Let the customers dictate that themselves by voting with their wallets.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to Drak3 in What should schools teach?   
    Gun safety.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to mrchow19910319 in Show off your latest purchase!   
    new shoes for road run.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to Drak3 in Show off your latest purchase!   
    The most recent:

    The rest.

    Just the RDS on this one.

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    Clanscorpia got a reaction from PlayStation 2 in [Update]Amazon institutes $15 minimum wage for all US employees AND eliminates monthly bonuses and Stock Grants   
    No, just... no. Living wage is 18.21 Canadian in Toronto. If you cant afford to live in a big city dont live there. 21 dollars an hour is absolutely abhorrent. My grandpas butcher shop almost closed down when our minimum wage was hiked to 14 dollars, I couldnt imagine what would happen to small business if it was hiked to 27. It's like people want corporatism
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    Clanscorpia got a reaction from Phantonex in 14 or 15 inch Notebook   
    Just tell her its 15 inch
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    Clanscorpia got a reaction from r2724r16 in 14 or 15 inch Notebook   
    Just tell her its 15 inch
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    Clanscorpia reacted to seon123 in Europe Parliament accelerating transition to Electric Cars   
    Potential for disaster? Because so many have happened due to technical errors. And with power plants that weren't from the 60s... Chernobyl was due to extreme incompetence, and the Fukushima-Daiichi happened during a natural disaster that killed 15k people, and that displaced 230k people. The nuclear power plant is a relatively small consequence. 
    All of Ukraine didn't end up as refugees after Chernobyl, and it didn't kill 170k people, as happened in a dam collapse in China. 
    Everything has a chance of disaster, and the danger of nuclear is objectively lower than any other power source per kWh, except for hydro. 
    If you take the statistics of US nuclear, it's 5 times safer than hydro. 
    There's a permanent storage facility being built in Finland, and fast breeder reactors can use spent nuclear waste for power. 
    Does that make nuclear fission the power source of the future? No. Does it make nuclear the best option to replace coal power plants? Most definitely yes. 
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    Clanscorpia reacted to JZStudios in Ways to get out and live in another country   
    Are we talking about legal or illegal immigration? Japan is cool only if you're frankly really into Japan. Otherwise I'd say pass. Japanese people are VERY proud of their heritage and foreigners can and often do get a lot of shit for not being "real Japanese." They also have the highest suicide rate, so they got that going for them. Japan is slowly starting to turn away from traditionalism with the younger generation, but that remains yet to be seen if that's a good thing or not. Otherwise Japan is kind of weird.
    I have no idea why anyone would want to move to Russia. Most of the people living there don't like it, and the ones that do are more just because they were born there. A lot of poor people, dirt, grime, and very little to do or anything of interest.
    Canada is okay if you're super liberal, just being honest. They can now fine and jail you for "hate speech" or using the wrong pronoun to describe a "him" or "her." Shim. Whatever.
    Honestly I'm American, call me biased, but I know a few people who immigrated here legally and made a life for themselves and achieved the idealistic "American Dream." A lot of what happens gets blown out of the water, and a lot of it is honestly the medias fault for fanning the flames and giving idiots attention and spotlights to both push their own agenda and get more views. Politics seem to be at a turning point though where people are getting fed up enough with it.
    America is often called hyper-violent, sexist, and racist, and none of those are really true. Statistically, per capita America is one of the safest countries in the world. Fun thing is, if you cut out the big liberal anti-gun metropolises like New York, Chicago, L.A.... Houston I believe? Some big city in Texas, those numbers drop even further. Even then most of those are gang related crimes. Sexism and racism can be present on a personal basis, but not in any official workplace environment, where it's highly illegal. IF it is present, there's a legitimate lawsuit for you to win. It wouldn't be near as bad as the discrimination faced in Japan though, where the women are blamed for being molested because they wear a skirt.
    I said before I know some immigrants that I'm perfectly fine and happy with, but for some reason there's also a LOT of immigrants that come in (Legally and illegally) that just assume that America will assimilate with them, rather than them assimilating with America. I don't understand this logic, and America really seems to be the only place where this holds true. Imagine if I went to live in Japan, but didn't want to eat their food, learn their language, understand their culture or history, and called them racist every time they disagreed with me. They'd get pissed pretty quickly and everyone would just call me a stupid American, but for some reason this exact thing happens with people that come here and people just fall before them.
    My dad grew up in Mexico on a ranch and eventually made his way to America (he had a dual citizenship) and he pretty hates most of the Mexicans here. Which is kind of funny, but he's got a point. He had a job where the boss came out and told some Mexican coworkers what to do for the day and they stood there saying "Yes" to everything, then asked my dad to translate when the boss left. He obliged and then asked how long they've been in America. Take a guess how long these guys had been in America and couldn't speak enough English to communicate with their boss.... go on... ready? 20 years. Twenty. How can you live in a country for 20 years and not be able to talk to your boss at LEAST? They literally just sit in their little barrio hood, watching Mexican broadcasts, listening to Mexican radio, and expecting things to be catered to them.
    They may have also been the same guys that got caught by Border Patrol to be deported back for the holidays and showed up again a few weeks later. They literally used the system as a free return ticket home. They did it every year.
    Anyways, TLDR, whatever country you go to, you assimilate with them, not vice versa.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to Commodus in Apple announces iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr   
    To me, there were two main issues:
    It started with the design: Samsung stuffed an overly large battery inside the phone and didn't have adequate testing measures to ensure it was safe.  This strikes me as a very Samsung kind of design flaw -- its obsession with specs led it to do something inherently risky.
    And while recalling the phone was the right thing to do, Samsung completely botched the recall process.  It had that brief initial recall where it was clear it hadn't really identified the cause and just wanted to resume selling the phone as quickly as possible.  If you recall a phone, you don't put it back on sale until you're absolutely sure you know what the problem was... full stop.
    To tie this back into the main discussion: it's always odd to hear people claim that Apple doesn't care about its customers when you see Samsung and other brands treating people like garbage on the daily.  Not that Apple doesn't have its problems -- it's legendary for refusing to directly acknowledge an issue until it has a fix or replacement program in place.   However, I'd argue that a company that offers software updates for 4-5 years and dedicates a significant section of its store to free service appointments (albeit ones where there's a chance it'll cost you money in the end) cares about its customers to some degree.
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    Clanscorpia reacted to ZacoAttaco in Finnish police investigating legality of loot boxes   
    Maybe an unpopular opinion, Overwatch lootboxes are fine. I have nothing wrong with them and they should not be in the same categories as FIFA and the Battefront fiasco.