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  1. ahhh i see, thankyou for the info, is there a similar system to distinguish multi-cpu compatable AMD cpus ?
  2. thanks but i asked about desktop cpu's, i know you can with xeons as there server cpu's
  3. ok, do desktop intel cpu's (i7's) support Multi-CPU configurations ?
  4. just want to use 3 9590's, i know its overkill but i just want to lol
  5. thanks man, ideally want am3+ board but if i cant find one/they dont exist then this is my new backup
  6. can you remember where you saw it ? i cant find one for any amd cpu's
  7. do the intel ones support desktop cpus or just xeons ?
  8. is there such i thing ? i know you can get multi socket mobo's for server CPU's, what about desktop CPU's ? more specifically am3+, also is it true that standard versions of windows dont support multi cpu's ? saw on a forum that you need some sort of server version
  9. to run 1080@60 on slowest preset takes more than 1 cpu
  10. ino but i want to use the lowest obs preset which requires multiple cpu's to use
  11. so after asking questions on several forums and doing my own bit of research, what i understand is that when encoding x264 in obs (provides better quality than quick sync or nvenc) it can only take advantage of up to 24 threads (i may have misread) so if having more than that many threads doesn't really benefit then theirs no real point in going dual xeon 12 core's or anything like that, also from my understanding ghz, while not as important as cores for encoding a stream, is still important. so from that info im thinking go with the highest ghz cpu (probably amd fx 8 core that can turbo t
  12. is there any websites where you can send in a case design or something and they'll make it ? cant seem to find one but might just be looking in wrong places
  13. This "laptop" was released in 2011, only heard about it today and how it has dual xeon cpu's. cant find one anywhere on the web, is this the only laptop with dual cpu's ? (not counting those ones with a cpu and a mobile phone chip) or are there any others that have dual cpu's ? thanks
  14. just thought, how important is instructions per cycle for my scenario ? or is that still outweighed by cores and clockspeed ?