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  1. Here is the reason why i cant talk to her directly. I only see her in class and beyond that I dont know where she goes. Cant talk to her directly anywhere in class or in campus becuasd there is a rule that you cant talk to any girl. I know its the world most stupidiest rule. But i think it holds meaning since i live in the worlds most shittiest country with the shittiest religion. I just cant talk to her directly.
  2. So one of my new friend just told me that my crush is already in relationship and advises me to move on and dont think about her. The problem is that I cant talk to her directly its very comolicated to explain. The thing is thst i cant trust my new friend. Although he seems to have links with people and know my crush's name. But he says that she is already engaged in relationship with someone else and soon will marry. Like WTF? How is this possible that she can marry assuming her age minimum 17 and maximum 18(I am sure of this) In my country no one marries in this age. Furthermore he said that
  3. PC gamers download game. They do not pick up games straight from the shelves. It's not 90s...
  4. Just look for Intel HD 4000. It's way better than HD 3000.
  5. Umm.... Ok will defintrly do as you told me now. If it ever works out,i am gonna remember you through out ny entire life .
  6. First of all I don't think I can do it. Secondly,even if we got in to a relationship I would have been super worried about break up if it was ever to happen. So thank you all for giving me tips but I am very sorry that I wasted your time. I just can't do it. It's very complicated.
  7. Kill your self. Its very fun. I have done it many times.
  8. I am surprised on how people have taken pickup lines to the extreme. Lmao
  9. And another thing is that as I am 18 years old I look like 25 or 27 years old. I have very much noticed that only older woman(let's say 24-28) actually get interested in me. Now here the word I have used,"interested" by it,I meant that it is only them who stare at me and I automatically assume that they are interested in me. I might be wrong on so many levels but I am totally helpless. Believe me,even my relatives think that I look like a grown up man.
  10. Alright,I have taken your tip into my consideration. Thank you.
  11. I did had friend once. He was my best friend. But then he started lying and tried to steal my stuff. Its a long story. I don't have friends because all of them turn out stupids and fake ass people.
  12. I have never talked to a girl about this before. I am 18 btw >.<
  13. There are very experienced people here so I didn't made a mistake asking it on this forum.