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  1. Maybe worth contacting Apple and explaining your concern. If not I'd probably try trade-in in your situation. https://www.apple.com/shop/trade-in
  2. It only means that it supports Windows 10, "included" is misleading. From the amazon.de link you gave, Unterstützte translated from German to English means supported.
  3. Nothing contradictory about what he said, you just choose to not see denuvo's side. I get it, you think that the guy is helping and he probably is for gamers, in your mind, he is a good guy who's being punished. It's illegal what he does whether you like it or not. I hope he goes free tho
  4. Because I found " I'm sorry, google must be broken for you: " as funny. Reminded me of a moment in college when one of the class students said something similar to a lecturer that he was writing an essay for. I'm not pretending nor ignoring anything. Because this is the first time I hear such, I asked for a nice written article reference to back up what the dude said, that's all. No need to overthink and get butthurt over the internet just because you knew something that others didn't.
  5. I was looking for a reference, where @Eduard the weeb said " this is Apple were talking about, the company that uses under payed foreign children to mass produce products. " The article you posted talks about 31 year old who jumped of the factory building. The factory that has 400 000 employees. I'm sure you can figure out the ratio yourself. The article does not link to the statement about under payed foreign children at all.
  6. Comical comment, but I demand reference to back it up!
  7. Since he OP said GTX, I was also referring to GTX. Good point tho
  8. Out of curiosity, what MMO? I've overclocked 460 before, so no reason not being able to overclock 470. I used MSI afterburner.
  9. Get D-brand skin for this to look more like razer product - problem solved
  10. Decent IT salaries in Ireland. Since you speak English natively, Ireland would be no problem for you. The only thing is the weather in this country.